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For Sale:
Phiaton PS210 Semi-Open In-Ear [SOLD]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Phiaton PS210 ($, Shipped with Registered, Tracked International Shipping)

  • It is very lightly used, bought about half a year ago on Amazon.
  • It probably has about 60 hours on it, max. I like the sound quite a lot, but they really don't get used very often, and I'm paring down my collection to only must-haves.
  • Appearances wise, they're completely unblemished and still very new-looking.
  • Do NOT be fooled into thinking this is not a good IEM just because people aren't talking about it --- with respect to semi-open IEMs, they're quite good. Definitely better than the Superlux HD381(B/F), but not quite as good as the Fidelio S2, although if you like a cleaner sound with good clarity, you might even like the PS210 more than the Fidelios. I personally like the special, open and clarity-oriented sound of the PS210 more than the rather bland (but high-quality) warmish sound of the Fidelio S1/S2.
  • This earphone is a rarity in the landscape of earphones sounding all very similar and looking very similar as well.
  • Comes with all original accessories except the airline adapter, which I unfortunately misplaced. I can replace it with an alternative airplane adapter from the Creative Aurvana In-Ear3.
  • A full, electroacoustic analysis of these IEMs is presented here:, where it is compared in tonality to the AKG K702 and follows the diffuse-field normalization closely.

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