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PHILADELPHIA area meet October 26th, 2013 - Page 15  

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Originally Posted by Schroeder77 View Post

Holy Shiit!!

I've been really curious about this one!!

Also, I've allowed myself just ONE "Shiit" pun for my entire life, and I'm using it here. That's how excited I am to encounter this tomorrow. 

and you didn't even spell it right. ...

I'll have my bifrost and asgard 2 if those interest you. ...
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Ok all boxed up and ready to book tomorrow morning.  Lots of boxes and they re mostly heavy too. 

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I am currently in Wendell North Carolina for work..... but I will be driving up to make it to this meetup. Thats a good 7 hours..... woot woot. Means I am leaving at 4am to make it......


Good thing I live close by and will be able to crash at home all next week. Looking forward to meeting everyone and trying out a lot of combinations....

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Studio is all set up.  Looking forward to meeting everyone I don't know and seeing everyone I already know!  

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For those who have asked how this while thing works...

People who are setting up gear, get there a little early if you if first come first choose, so the best spots go quickly.

BRING EXTRA POWER STRIPS AND EXTENTION CORDS. You can never have too many and someone will forget one and be in need of borrowing.

Don't sprawl out all over the tabe...keep it tight...lots of people need to set up.

Bring a source! iPod, computer, CD Player, turntable, whatever.

Label your gear! Lots of people may have the same cans or amps.

It's nice to make up a paper listing exactly what you're showing so others don't have to ask and you'll have more freedom to wander.

While I've never been to a meet where something was stolen, I'd rather not have my meet be the first. So be aware of your setup or ask the person next to you to keep an eye on it when you go listening or to the bathroom.

Did I mention to bring extra power strips?

Those of you who are coming to listen...

We're thrilled to have you! The head-Fi community is exceptionally welcoming and willing to share. We love showing off our gear and the sound we have achieved.

We do ask that you be courteous:

-NEVER unplug headphones with the volume up or the source playing.

-many of the top headphones are open back...that means we all hear your conversations while we're listening. Remember to use your 'inside voices'

-Take a shower that morning and wash your're going to be trying on other people's headphones and others will be wearing's just commen sense and courtesy.

-bring your favorite music on your portable audio player...but please ASK the owner of the rig to which you would like to jack in to help you make the connection rather than just unplugging their current source without asking.

Then just have fun and enjoy the company and the sound!!

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Originally Posted by rush2049 View Post

and you didn't even spell it right. ...

I'll have my bifrost and asgard 2 if those interest you. ...

They do interest me, thanks!


I just caught my error, I just had to go back and edit . . . Feel free to keep my quote as a mark of my  Schaame. :-) 


The misspelling might just be proof that I've never used their name before as a pun. 


I look forward to meeting you and everyone else tomorrow, have a great night!



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I won't be able to stay until the end, but I'll see all you guys tomorrow for at least a couple hours!


Also, I'll bring along my Amperiors just in case anyone was wondering what they sound like.

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All packed up:


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Ooh...thank you...almost forgot headphone stands.
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Just make sure you tell me if I forgot anything before I leave tomorrow....

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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

Just make sure you tell me if I forgot anything before I leave tomorrow....

You can forget and leave the Leben at the studio. I won't mind.
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I can't sleep, guess I will need to get some coffee tomorrow, and a CCK for my iPad at best buy on the way I guess.

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My ph# is 610.724.6482 in case any gets lost.

Park in the train station or behind my building after dropping off your gear.

See you all soon!
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