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PHILADELPHIA area meet October 26th, 2013 - Page 2  

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LOL Its real heavy but I will see

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Frank, that WA5 is your ticket to get in the door.

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The only issue with bringing  the WA5 is that using the XLR for the LCD2 and HE6 would also require a speaker to be attached I think to the load.  I will ask Jack if speakers need to be attached to the terminal because I really don't want to drag any speakers up there. If Jack says it does not need the speaker attached and it wont damage the amp then I will consider taking it there.   

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So, if you have speakers attached, do they play at the same time as the headphones?

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No there is a separate switch for the XLR and the speakers cut off. I need to be sure the  amp does not need the speakers attached though. The old Taboo MK11 even with the switch to cut off switch needed the speakers attached.. I want to be safe and not sorry. i do not want to damage the amplifier. This amp also needs to be turned off when switching from high to low setting and to XLR and speakers. More than Likely I can bring it but need to be sure the amplifier can work without the speakers attached,

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You do not have to have speakers attached to the Taboo MKII.  At least mine did not.  I spoke to Steve about it.  He said having resistors could change the sound, but you didn't need them.


If the speakers cut off you wouldn't think you would need them attached, but ask Jack.

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I will ask Jack.  Like I said the XLR switch needs the headphones in the jack before the switch is turned to the XLR before the amp is turned on. That is very specific in the manual and, I will read that also. I only skimmed the manual.

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I'll be there


audio gf nfb5

AKG 701


klipsch image s4 (x2)


Anyone have a HD800 and DNA stratus they can bring? I'm really interested in trying out this pairing.

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I'll be bringing my HD800 Nuforce Dac-100 Nuforce HAP-100 So you just need the DNA now
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I'd love to be able to join in the fun. Of course I'm running the NYC area meet a few weeks later so that takes top priority for me. Secondly, I might be in the middle of a move so that might take priority for the "wife". Add me to the list and if I drop out I'll let all y'all know. I'd like to bring my whole arsenal including a bunch of DIY gear -- LCD 2 Rev 2, Magnum v4 with Ohrenholz Mahogany cups, Thunderpants... The Wire SE-SE amp, O2 Amp, CTH amp with a few tubes, AMB Gamma 2 DAC, PupDAC, and hopefully a ESS Sabre 9023 DIY DAC I'm building -- same DAC chip that is used in the Audioquest Dragonfly.

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Frank...I have a pair of speakers at the studio already.

Mullet...hope you can make it!
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lee I will be bringing 



Oppo BDP95





And I will need help getting the gear in the studio. 

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Frank...I have that loading dock by the tracks. There will be plenty of hands to get you in and set up.
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Updated with those who are planning to attend.

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