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PHILADELPHIA area meet October 26th, 2013  

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For the 2nd year, I am opening up my 2,700 sq ft photo studio to the Head-Fi community for a Philadelphia Area meet.

What: Head-Fi Meet featuring up to 40 set-ups.
When: October, 26th, 2013 from 11-5.
Where: The Photo-Loft, 403 E Walnut St, North Wales, PA 19454
Fee: While there is no fee to set up or attend, donations toward food and beverage are always welcome.

I have reached out to several vendors and will let you know who commits to attending and/sending gear.

Vendors Attending:

To be updated as commitments come in.

1. HifiMan...Fang is sending gear and may attend.
2. Woo Audio...Jack is sending gear and likely to attend IS attending
3. Red Wine Audio...Vinnie is likely to attend and bring gear. Can't make it after all. frown.gif
4. Epiphany Acoustics...sending gear.
5. Cavelli Audio...sending "something or, perhaps, a couple of somethings."
6. HeadAmp...Justin says, "I will be there!"
7. mrspeakers...attending with gear and eating cheesesteaks Can't make it after all, but still sending Alphas to be demo'd
8. Schiit...Sending gear

Head-Fiers Attending:

To be updated as commitments come in.

1. NikonGod
2. Craigster75...Ultrasone Signature DJs, V-Moda M-100 and V-Moda Verza amp, maybe T-50's
3. Taowolf51...partially MarkL modded Denon D7000 and a Matrix M-Stage.
4-5. leesure...RWA Balanced Isabellina, Schiit M&M stack, LCD2.1, HE-400
6. Kazsud...HD800 Nuforce Dac-100 Nuforce HAP-100
7. dminches...deciding which awesome amp(s) he'll bring
8. Frank I...WA5, HD800, HE-6, Oppo BDP95, LCD2
9. KimbaWLion
10-12. Mullet...LCD 2 Rev 2, Magnum v4 with Ohrenholz Mahogany cups, Thunderpants.. Wire SE-SE amp, O2 Amp, CTH amp with a few tubes, AMB Gamma 2 DAC, PupDAC, and hopefully a ESS Sabre 9023 DIY DAC.
13. gf nfb5, AKG 701, ATH M50, klipsch image s4 (x2)
14. Zheng...WA6SE, LCD2 and T1
15. holomorph...HD600, V-CAN, ODAC / Music Streamer II. Oh, and Dogfish Head. smily_headphones1.gif
16. lofty...Apache, custom tube amp by Herbert Jeschke, LCD3s, and HD800s.
17. DeadEars...Audeze LCD-2.1 (same ones I had two years ago at your meet), and some amplifier + probably the standalone Squeezebox Touch + DAC source. Not sure which amp.
18. taylor...DAC/amp and AKG K340's...and maybe a Darth Opto
19. DownhomeUpstate...gently modded Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball and Senn HD600 w/Stefan Audio Art Equinox cable
20. sregor...rockhopper Beta22 (hopefully!)
21. Tribade...GS1000's and a WA7 amp
22. onefatsurfer...T50RP's (BMF DBV #3) my HD558's, Triplefi 10's, Monster MD Tributes, and a few lower $ iems. For sources/amps, I'll bring my android music player thing, my fiio E10 and my CmoyBB.
24. keanex...Audio Technica Ad2000, Schiit Modi/Magni stack and my Heir Tsar 350.
25. xtitan1...Nuforce uDac 2 and HD595s
26. imagic...Vaio laptop with a Roland Quad-capture interface. I also have a Pioneer AVR with a Can Opener. I'll bring AKG K701, Pioneer SE-A1000, Creative CAL!, and Sony MDR-1R
27. oclafcire...Not sure what gear he's bringing.
28. rush2049...Schiit Asgard 2, Schiit Bifrost, AKG Q701
29. Amphibica...Audeze LCD 2.2 with Q-cable and my ASLMGHEADDTOTLMARKII amp

Strictly limited to 40 set-ups, reserve space early!

Joining us for the fun, company and listening:

brasewell, sphinxvc, nabwong, kamakaziH2Omln, olegausany, k14altima, windowman, TealRice.
rodge827, mymymyopie, el848484, tealrice.

While there is no fee to set up or attend, donations toward food and beverage are always welcome.


PS, college football fans need not worry, games will be on the 100" TV...sound down, of course!

Our Studio

For those who have asked how this while thing works...

People who are setting up gear, get there a little early if you if first come first choose, so the best spots go quickly.

BRING EXTRA POWER STRIPS AND EXTENTION CORDS. You can never have too many and someone will forget one and be in need of borrowing.

Don't sprawl out all over the tabe...keep it tight...lots of people need to set up.

Bring a source! iPod, computer, CD Player, turntable, whatever.

Label your gear! Lots of people may have the same cans or amps.

It's nice to make up a paper listing exactly what you're showing so others don't have to ask and you'll have more freedom to wander.

While I've never been to a meet where something was stolen, I'd rather not have my meet be the first. So be aware of your setup or ask the person next to you to keep an eye on it when you go listening or to the bathroom.

Did I mention to bring extra power strips?

Those of you who are coming to listen...

We're thrilled to have you! The head-Fi community is exceptionally welcoming and willing to share. We love showing off our gear and the sound we have achieved.

We do ask that you be courteous:

-NEVER unplug headphones with the volume up or the source playing.

-many of the top headphones are open back...that means we all hear your conversations while we're listening. Remember to use your 'inside voices'

-Take a shower that morning and wash your're going to be trying on other people's headphones and others will be wearing's just commen sense and courtesy.

-bring your favorite music on your portable audio player...but please ASK the owner of the rig to which you would like to jack in to help you make the connection rather than just unplugging their current source without asking.

Then just have fun and enjoy the company and the sound!!
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Originally Posted by nikongod View Post


Outstanding! It will be good to see you again.
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Thanks for the invite!  There is a good chance I will attend and bring Ultrasone Signature DJs, V-Moda M-100 and V-Moda Verza amp.

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So the limit is 40 tables, but there is no limit to attendees, right?

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Originally Posted by Taowolf51 View Post

So the limit is 40 tables, but there is no limit to attendees, right?

answered my own question

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There is room for 40 rigs...Source, DAC, Amp, Cans.


Plenty of room for those attending w/o set ups.

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Some pics from last year's small meet at the same place...

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Updated Vendor commitments thus far

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I am going to try to make this. That was the weekend last year for the Ivy League  Cross Country Championship so if its the same weekend I cant make it but will be there in spirit.

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As of now I am in.  I will have to figure out which amp to bring.

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bring them all David

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Just checked the cross country schedule that weekend seems to be open the IVY are Nov2  so as of now I am open. Not sure what I will bring yet.  Pleas count me IN for now unless the schedule changes,

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Bring the WA5 :D
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