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LCD-2 for portable use? Am I crazy?

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Hey all.

A person on Craigslist (who may be of below average intellect) is willing to sell me his gently used LCD-2 for $550.

The vast majority of my listening is done on the go, out of my iPhone through my FiiO E12. I know they're an open design, but is it feisable to use these on the go?

Btw, these headphones look damn sexy.

Also, I would be willing to get a more powerful portable amp, if that would be an issue.

EDIT: I listen to DnB, Hip Hop, Rock, Trance and Jazz.
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Short answer: No, you won't hear much unless there is little ambient noise. Open nature of the headphones allows even slight ambient noises to drown out your music. You'll also get looked at funny, unless your avant-garde by nature.


Source: Own them.

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Hi-rez had a pair of LCD-3's at the denver meet being driven by a Pico portable amp. Sounded really good. Think he used them in a portable rig as well... If anything you can sell them later or trade them. See denver meet impressions thread for some notes.
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Should be fine with a fairly powerful portable amp on very high vol. Just be aware that you'd become a primary target for mugging with a thousand-dollar pair of cans around your head out and about, so unless you live and work in a rich safe neighbourhood, it's not recommended.

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Hell what are you waiting for...buy LCDs off him before he gets smart. But in the same time it could be some kind of HiFier trap. Lure you in with a good deal then.....BAM..your cheap prostitude chained up to a bed in some projects. If I was you I'll take a friend. That way you can have someone to talk to when your both chained up to the beds.
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Yeah, that's what I thought. I sometimes use my SR80i on the go, and the sound still gets through. Do you know of any mods that make the LCD-2 leak less and isolate more? I just don't wanna pass up this amazing deal.
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You can seal them but it changes the sound dramatically. If i was you i would sell or trade for something that gets you what you want. I have the LCD2s (bamboo) and they sound amazing. but they leak sound in both directions.
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I'm still of the opinion that the LCD 2 is the best looking headphone ever made, and that this deal is far too good to pass up. But how does sealing them change the sound, and how does one go about doing it?
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From what i can remember Audeze kicked around the idea of a sealed set of cans. but I cant really explain the change. when i put my hands over the vents it changes it...makes the sound a lil more muffled. if you do manage to make them into a closed system you might end up sacraficing some of the qualities that the LCDs has to offer.I cant really explain it in detail unless im doing it and explaining it in the same time. but yea no doubt they are amazing looking. The LCDs are made to be used at home relaxed or in an enviroment with little or no background noise (also where you wont bother people while listening to Culture Clash at its highest possible volume). But yea....go get them cans!!!
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Do they leak more, less or around the same as the SR80i?
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Originally Posted by Luv My BASS 1 View Post

Do they leak more, less or around the same as the SR80i?

They leak a ridiculous amount more than typical open on-ear headphones like SR80i. Basically you'll be wearing portable speakers pointing outwards from your head with planars like LCD2.

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If you're set on getting them, use them indoors. I'd recommend getting a complementary pair of IEMs for outdoor use. Modding them defeats the purpose of their signature and design (and will insight an angry mob).




Won't deny the looks. Images courtesy of Justin

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Well, I acted too slow for this specific pair. A headphone aficionado in the area snagged these before I could. I don't think I would have been happy with them anyway. I will definitely wait on the closed back Audeze, and may buy them if the price is justified. However, from the looks of the prototypes, they just don't have the awe factor of the LCD2/3.
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Well that sucks.
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I used my HD800 and LCD2 as portables for a while.
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