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For Sale: FS: Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI

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For Sale:
FS: Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI

Will Ship To: USA/Canada

Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI
$350 shipped within the US/to our neighbors up north in Canada

Hey guys and goils, lookin to sell off my beloved Flat-4 SUI cause I got robbed, and by that I mean hangin around this joint causes cash to evaporate from your bank account. Anywho, the phones are well cared for and are in excellent condition and come with all accessories including the wonderful tea tin that will surely make for a conversation piece.

"Ooooh, what's that?"

"It's the tin for a set of Japanese phones, yeah... *gazes off into distance* I... Was tight with Yamagishi-San, helped him out in a rough spot there by buying these phones when no one else would. I mean, how else was he going to get by? Not by... Selling... Tea... Dammit Yama-chan" *single tear rolls down cheek*

"Wow... You're as handsome/beautiful as Brad Pitt/Monica Belluci and your soul is as enriched as the Mahatma's... Take me _________!"

Yes dear reader, you too can be transformed into a bonafide sex symbol if you just simply purchase these phones!*

*phones may or may not help you get tail
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These still availabel?

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Yes sir. Please direct your inquiries to my box please smily_headphones1.gif
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