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Fiio E7 not working

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I just found my E7 in a box from when I had to move.  I haven't used it in probably 8 months now but when I tried to plug it into my computer, my computer isn't seeing it. I don't see it in device manager.  I don't remember if the E7 is suppose to say USB IN all the time on the top of the display even with no USB plugged in. It says the correct name when I plug in a AUX or my dock L7. When I try to plug in the E7/L7 into my computer it still isn't showing up.  I just tried the E7 with an aux to my zune it it works.  I don't have the drivers installed on my computer for the E7 since I always do a clean install every year.  I got the drivers last time when I plugged in the E7 but I can't get it sine its not showing up. I've tried plugging in my E7 in a Win7 x64 and win 7 x32.

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I think first thing you should try must be downloading the drivers from FiiO website and try again after properly installing the drivers.

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I've been trying to download the drivers but I can't find the E7 on the website.  When I look on the support page I choose the portable dac & amp but I can't choose the model.  I've tried googleing the drivers but still can't find it. Anyone have a copy of the drivers I'm using a Win 7 x64

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No one has any tips for me? Or can someone send me their drivers they are using for the E7 like using double driver to copy their's and give me a copy.

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Have you tried different USB ports or a different computer.

Try a different USB cable if you have one.

After plugging it in, have a look through all the categories in Device Manager - do you see any devices with a yellow exclamation? Sometimes it won't be correctly categorised if it's not recognised.

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I tried on 2 different desktops and 2 laptops on different usb ports on all computers that I tried.  I looked through the device manager and didn't see any yellow exclamation.

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