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Jitter/Static problems w/ Little Dot I+ (help pls)

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With my cans plugged into my Little Dot I+, I hear a short (~1sec) jitter/static, that repeats every 5-15 seconds or so. My cans are plugged in with no music playing (doesn't matter if the volume knob is up or all the way down). Why is this and any suggestions on how to remedy the problem?


Some trouble shooting:

-Happens with several different cans.

-Source is a Macbook Pro and also doesn't seem to be the problem, as it's fine with my other DAC/AMP. I've also shut down most other apps and turned off the wireless, and still the problem remains on the Little Dot.

-Its not the DAC (Music Streamer II), as I plugged the MSII into a different amp (Fiio E9), and no jiter/static. In fact, I still hear it when the DAC is disconnected from the Mac.

-Double-checked all plugs and connections are secure.

-Both amps are plugged into the same Monster power bar (Blackout HDP 900).

-I switched the tubes (Matched NOS Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV) back to the stock tubes (Chinese 6J1), and the problem remains; though the jitter/static is much quieter.

-Little Dot is ~14 months old.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You turned off the wireless but from what you have say  it sounds like a digital RF signal especially as it repeats in a set time. Try turning off your dect . house phone or cell-net phone if not I would look around for other equipment that transmits a signal. Changing the tubes just proves the ones you use are more sensitive than the ones you tried. It can also be a sign of a high input impedance which while giving you better/clearer " highs" leave the door open to that type of interference[radiated] especially if your input is not "band width limited" by that I mean the frequency response  is high -maybe 100KHZ or more till -3DB point is reached. It can also be an external transmission if you live  near a factory /airport/ government establishment /etc. It doesn't matter if your CD player/vinyl disc player is bandwidth limited you can still pick up transmissions.if your amp has a high frequency response,

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thanks for the help. i'll move my amp away from my electronics and turn my cell off to see if that helps. i also messaged David from Little Dot, but no reply back from him yet.

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