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For Sale: Antique Sound Lab (ASL) MG Head MkIII

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For Sale:
Antique Sound Lab (ASL) MG Head MkIII

Will Ship To: USA

     I am parting ways with my much beloved ASL MG Head.  When I got into the whole headphone thing, I had an original MG Head and loved it.  I moved on by way of upgradeitus and sold it off.  Years later when I decided to go back to my roots and reduce my whole system, I settled on going back to what I loved most... an MG Head.... but I scored a newer Mk III and was very happy.  

     Fast forward several years... the amp has collected dust, I hardly get to listen to it (maybe a total of 6 hours over the last 2 years) for a slew of various reasons.  Most saddening however is the realization that despite my best efforts to prevent it, I have been losing my hearing gradually and at just age 40 I have to ask people to repeat themselves more an more.  I can still enjoy my music, but the fine detail is getting clouded over.  

Not able to justify having such an awesome and valuable amp just sitting there, I have gone and purchased a used Little Dot II+ so I still have an amp, but my gem of an MG is ready to go to a new home to make someone else smile.  I am going to have fun with my new amp and play with it by giving it a steampunk look.  


What you are getting:

Antique Sound Labs MG Head MK III amp

Original Box

Original JJ tubes

Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 tube

Sovetk tubes

Power Cord



Practically like new

Tubes have very few hours on them

Adult owned and taken extremely good care of


Payment and Shipping:

$300 includes standard shipping 

Shipping from Western Oregon (Elkton 97436)

Packaged very well with original packing materials

Will Ship UPS with insurance

PayPal Accepted from verified members (fees included in price)

Shipping to Paypal verified address ONLY

I will only ship within the US



My eBay profile is under the same name of "Mahkook"

I have a very long history here with lots of positive feedback under the old feedback forum 

Feel free to contact me with any questions and such!smily_headphones1.gif

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For Sale: $100 (USD)
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Hi very interested in your amp but kind of new around here so I can't pm yet please email me at your soonest convienince and hopefully we can put something together thank you
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    What can I tell you about the amp?  Also, where are you located?  

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Thanks for responding so quickly , I am located in Chicago and was just firstly wondering how set you were on your price? Is it negotiable at all? And if so let me know what you would take rock bottom for it including shipping and paypal. If you want we can take it off line and email me and I can you call me or just in email for the next steps thank you
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I am firm on my price... If I have to knock it down anymore then I would rather keep it and sell off the other amp I bought to replace it.  It really is a very nice amp and after many different ones I have owned, it was the one I returned to as my favorite.  If you are still interested and are wanting to use PayPal, I can accept it so long as I am shipping to a verified address only. 



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please send me a paypal invoice to my email address for the total. i am verified and amy on ebay as *mrbill* in which my feedback speaks for itself. once i get the invoice i wil pay it . please let me know when it ships and tracking,etc

thank you for your offer
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