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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

+1 on the Dayton / Lepai setup, a friend just picked up that exact combo after I pointed him to the CNET review. He wanted some speakers for music on his back patio and was absolutely blown away by the quality of this little set. I haven't heard them though, so one of these days I'll have to pop over and check them out.

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I don't think its a good idea recommending the Dayton B652 as they changed some parts have sound worse on newer ones not as bad as it used to be.  They have made attempts at fixing the sound but still not as good as the old pairs from 1 1/2-2+ years ago.

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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

Do you have to have small form factor? The 2.75" driver in the A2s is very small, which means small sound. See this CNET review of the Lepai amp and Dayton bookshelves:


For your budget, I would recommend the Pioneer Andrew Jones bookshelves: http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-SP-BS22-LR-Designed-Bookshelf-Loudspeakers/dp/B008NCD2LG/

Here's a review of the Andrew Jones speaker set: http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/floorstanding/pioneer-sp-pk52fs

For an amp, step up in quality and a little more output than the Lepai to an Indeed TA2021 or Topping TA2021 t-amp.

I have the old model of that speakers the BS-21 and I can definitely recommend it very good sound quality just a little lacking on the highs I boost them with my EQ but other then that great to my ears. Suprising amount of bass for 4" drivers altough the cabinet size is kinda large for the driver size.  Won't do the real deep bass below 50-60hz but add a 8" or preferable bigger subwoofer to handle the low end and your good to go. 


Mids sound great on them vocals especially female ones on well recorded and mastered songs sound amazing.  Also while there very detailed to my ears I don't consider them to be so revealing that less then pristine quality music sounds bad its still very enjoyable as long as its not a truly crap recording. They also have a very expansive soundstage with very good imaging different instruments and sound effects just pop and burst onto it even in a near field setup like I have at my desk where there only about 3 1/2 feet apart from each other.


If you can find the space to fit them I would defiantly go with the Pioneers there worth it and you won't be disappointed with the sound quality

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has anyone tried the mackie MR5mk2 speakers?

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