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fiio l9

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Im thinking about getting the fiio e11. I've seen the fiio l9 and it just looks like it plugs into the charge port instead of the headphone jack. What's the point? And is an l9 necessary?

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headphones go into the amp ''in'' and the out goes from the l9 3.5mm jack to the ipod dock connection. or charge port.


this allows you to bypass the internal amp of the ipod and JUST use the f11 as a amp. otherwise if you use a 3.5 tpo 3.5 and go from the ipod 3.5mm jack to the fiio f11 3.5mm jack what you are doing is basicly amplifying the stock amplifier. you dont really get the full benifit of the f11 if you do it like this. so using the L9 is the best way to go.

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Oh okay I see. Thanks for answering my question
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Hi, first post!!! Can I ask , is the Fiio L9 cable a 30 pin apple connector?

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