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I have owned a Cowon D2 for a long time now and I have been unimpressed with the SQ on this DAP using dynamic IEMs. The bass was muddy and the overall SQ was lifeless and the soundstage narrow. Anyway, today I plugged in my Sony XBA-1 IEMs into my Cowon D2 and was blown away to how much of an improvement the SQ on my D2 is when paired with the XBA-1 IEMs. The bass is less muddy and has more detail and punch and the highs and mids are very well detailed and have more sparkle to them. The Cowon D2 definately sounds better when paired with balanced armature IEMs.




I don't know whats going on here but since plugging in my XBA-1 IEMs and getting that improved SQ I have plugged in my old Sony dynamic IEMs to the Cowon D2 and the SQ has remained very good. Could plugging in my XBA-1 IEMs have reset the DAC or something? If you are wondering then no, no EQ settings or BBE settings were tampered with.

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