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Help Setting up Virtual Surround

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To be frank, I am pretty new to this whole audio thing. I recently bought a XONAR DGX and Superlux 668B headphones. Basically I want to know how to set my headset up for Virtual surround sound while I am playing games (BF3, FarCry 3, etc). There are a whole bunch of options and I am quite lost.

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Once the card and driver is installed Windows needs to be first set to 5.1 by right-click the Windows Volume Icon on the Taskbar > Playback Devices > Right Click Xonar DGX > Set as Default > Right Click Xonar DGX again > Configure Speakers > set to 5.1 > Next, Next, etc. Finnish. This way your games know that they should output native 5.1 and not just stereo.


Now enter the Xonar Audio Software through the tray icon or Start > All Programs > ASUS Xonar DGX Audio > Xonar DGX Audio Center and set the Analog Out to Headphone and then check the Dolby Headphone box that appears below it. Dolby Headphone is compatible with native 5.1-channel content (which we just set above in windows) and uses some digital signal processing to adjust the sound that would normally appear from 5.1 speakers to arrive from 2 speakers.


You can click the text that says Dolby Headphone to switch the right window to Dolby Headphone page for more manual adjusting. Note that game sample rates are likely to be 48kHz.


Now you want to connect the Superlux 668B headphones to the green port on the Xonar DGX (or perhaps also the headphone socket on the front of your PC if you connected it to the appropriate pin on the inside of the card) Keep the Volume at minimum before plugging in the headphone so you can adjust the volume to the correct level without excess output.


Load up your game and enjoy. The effect is every bit as convincing as a 5.1 system as essentially sound that arrives to our ears are stereo anyway.


Hope this helps,



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