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Best Headphones under $1000

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Hi guys, I just joined the forum and I'm a complete novice with headphones. I currently own Beats By Dre Pro but I've had them for 3 years now and they are starting to wear off.


Right now I'm looking for a new pair of headphones that will give me the best sound for my money. I've been doing some research, however the more I read the harder it is to figure out exactly what I need. I feel like $1000 is a big investement for headphones and equipment so I want to make sure I'm getting the right equipment. Here are some of my needs in a headphone.


- I listen to all kinds of music, however mostly hip hop

- I'm looking for the best headphones that will give me the best sound fidelity

- They have to be durable

- I plan to listen to them mostly at home and on airplanes

- Also I don't like headphones that look ridiculously big on my head



Will I need an amp to give the best possible sound quality?


The headphone I've been looking at is the Ultrasone 8 edition, however reading some reviews people say the cables are not durable and they are not worth the money.


Please help!! I don't mind adding a little more to have better sound. Thanks

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Let's start from the beginning: you don't need 1000$ headphones. If anyone tells you the opposite, don't believe them. There are better (and cheaper) options out there waiting for you. I suggest you to take your time to read and check different choices.

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- I plan to listen to them mostly at home and on airplanes


Then get two pairs of headphones.  An open-backed one for home listening, and a closed one (or IEMs) for noisy places.


You can then experience two different sound signatures, which will help you determine what you like best in preparation for your next upgrade... because you know you'll want another one... sorry about your wallet.

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I'd say Audio Technica ATH-AD2000 used (around $500) + ODAC & O2 ($280) and a nice isolating IEM like the Etymotic ER4P used($180). Very good combo for under $1000 and if you have any money left over, you can even get a portable amp like the Fiio E11 ($65). But trust me, in a while you will want to upgrade. 

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your music choice is hip hop which means you want something with some bass rather than something which is more mids or treble oriented... i won't suggest things like he500 or lcd2s as that will not let you buy an amp/dac with that...


do look at he400 or denon d2k/d5k as you need some bass or maybe even ultrasone pro 900 etc... the money you save could be used to buy a decent amp/dac combo like magni/modi or odac/o2

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