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Yes - Billybob- Knew all about it  and yes looked at TOR as well but didn't download it. You don't seem to realize that I spent over 2yrs talking to and posting on a web news site not exactly "west friendly" - I gained a lot of friends Worldwide from every part of the globe.including the US. But I and others were under constant attack from "government services" that includes my country/yours and a well known eastern one friendly with the US. I was taken out many times in the end by---well I wont post the name but how high can you go in the PC World.whose services were used to remove me and others. I didn't give up I never do too determined but I was beaten in the end  by --well you would hardly believe it. The very news station that wasn't  "West friendly" that's right they caved in. So they won in the end but at no time did I give up -Australian posters told of their problems so did New Zealand posters affected and in the US the university professor in the US was "let go" and he provided information to me and so Billybob I lived it . It cost me money to replace the built in network service on my motherboard with plug in network cards.And full system restore from scratch several times. There is a lot more I cannot say. but those that have been through it know what I am talking about.My CPU was running 80% most of the time due to attacks . signing in was blocked NOT by the  website but by ---  it was funny to watch sign in codes being covered up by a blue blank space to stop me . After they won the attacks stopped well why not they had "beaten  me" I was only speaking the truth but that is now banned -so much for the great   "Freedom and Democracy" it doesn't exist.