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Hi from Maine!

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I just wanted to make a first post and introduce myself.  Over the years I've muddled along, trying out various equipment and gear combos. It hasn't always been successful, but I've learned a lot and had fun experimenting.  Sometimes I wish I'd found forums like these 20 years ago; other times I think that would have sent me to the poor house.  Some of the set-ups I've seen here are incredible....  smile.gif


Anyway, I've finally settled into a permanent home in Maine and am sorting through the equipment I've gathered over the years.  It seems I have most of what I have for my needs but probably need a few key pieces (and a good organizational plan) and may need to swap some stuff out.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as I work through it.





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Hi from Ontario!
Welcome to Head Fi.
I know what you mean, I've sold a fair amount of unused audio equipment over the past few months!
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