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For Sale:
Schiit Asgard 2

Will Ship To: USA

Plus $10 postage.

Extremely light use. 10 hours maybe.

Why am I selling it?  I got it for a downstairs system and just never use it.  I have just completed  building my own amp and I don't need three.


In the photo you will see some cosmetic blemishes and a scratch.  Why are they there with so little use?  It was stacked on a multi use table with a Bifrost and got scratched.  Carelessness on the part of those that shall not be named.   Why the blemish?  Because I tried to remove the scratches and made I it worse.  If you want, you can steel wool the case to perfection.  You would have to take great care to not damage the Schiit logo.  I really amped up the contrast in the photo to exagerate the blemishes.



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