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Headphones with genre versatility?

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Hi head-fiers! I have lurked for a while now, but I finally decided I'd make an account and put myself into the mix.

I am in search of a little guidance from y'all. I like a variety music, and I need help picking the best phones for my interests. I mostly listen to metal (typically the heavier, grungier stuff like Alice in Chains, or the not really grungy White Zombie), rock (traditional and acoustic), and rap/ hip hop.

I have the sennheiser hd380 pro as my current delivery vehicle and they're great - almost. I feel as though I am looking for a "punchier" bass response than the 380 offers, because while the 380 does have full bass response, I feel as if it lacks some of the energy that the artists intended. The mids on the 380 seem fine to me. One major issue I have however is, with the 380, highs (even high mids really, as low as the lead vocalist's voice in Alice in Chains) seem really rough. I don't know of this is the correct usage of the word, but I believe y'all call it sibilance here.

I've been interested in the ATH-M50 because its seems to have a relatively positive response here. I just want to make sure that these are right for me, and/or hear anything you'd recommend.

These are deciding factors for me:
Lively bass,
Mids that aren't drowned out
Highs that don't hurt
closed back
$250 or less;
into a Rolls HA43 Pro amp.

Sorry for the book; I guess I'm long winded even on a keyboard!

Thanks in advance for the input.
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I like the Philips Cityscape Downtown for most of my casual listening.  From my setup at home it is really a nice and fun sounding headphone.  I own the ATH-M50 as well, but find listening to the Downtown more enjoyably ( a little more lively and fun ).


Depending on where you live you can pick up a pair at a TJ Maxx for $60 or less on sale.  They are worth the listen.


Take a look at the measurements:



They measure and sound great for any headphones, but for a headphone under $100 they are an awesome deal.  I often think it is price that keeps people from giving them a try which is a shame because they are some of the best sounding headphones I have heard in a while.

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Very interesting, NA Blur.

I do appreciate the graphs you provided as well. I will keep the Phillips Cityscape Downtown in mind.
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Any other thoughts?
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Any other recommendations?
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It might help to know what source(s) the headphones are being used with?

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Unfortunately the sources aren't that great.
Samsung infuse (mostly), iPod touch, Sony ps3
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The v-moda's get good reviews, not sure of the price for each.
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I'll look into the v-modas
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