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For Sale: Audio GD NFB-11 Sabre32 ES9018 chip

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For Sale:
Audio GD NFB-11 Sabre32 ES9018 chip

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi folks! I'm selling my awesome Audio GD NFB-11, as I have upgraded to a more expensive piece of balanced Audio GD gear. This little unit is absolutely positively awesome(!!), and quite frankly, I FIRMLY believe it is the absolute highest possible VALUE, based on other equipment I have heard (including my new unit). Yes, more expensive stuff is better, but not by that much. It will absolutely positively obliterate ANYTHING anywhere near it's price!! Even if you don't buy mine, I can't say enough good things about this unit, and highly recommend you buy one!


This unit is the original NFB11 shown here: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB11/NFB11EN.htm, and it HAS the upgraded TCXO clock. It is in excellent condition, with no visible marks, and it works like new. I have added 4 rubber feet to the bottom of the unit, because they still don't include feet on these. Sale includes the never used USB cable, original power cord (not shown), and a bag of jumpers that I have no idea what they're for. I have never once used the USB input, so I can't comment on it; but it sounds awesome with coax and toslink. It will easily drive any headphones to ear splitting levels!


Cost new: $295(with TCXO) + $35 shipping + $10 PayPal = $340. I'm selling for lots less! =)


I have very little feedback on Head Fi, but my ebay name is: mp360cs; 13 years over 700, and a power seller (this month anyway). I will pay PayPal, buyer will pay shipping, and I will ship within one day of receiving payment, because waiting sucks  ;)


Sorry, not interested in any trades at this time.

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just sent pm

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just sent pm

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Sold, in record time too!
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