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For Sale: IC: Mad Dog 3.0

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For Sale:
IC: Mad Dog 3.0

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello, I am thinking about selling my mad dogs version 3.0 I love the headphone but I just sold my amplifier and to be truthful I would rather upgrade some components on my desktop than spend on a amp. The headphones are in really good condition they will include a v-moda cable as well as the original. The price is not including shipping or paypal fee. Shipping should be about 12-15 dollars anywhere in the U.S. I will upload pictures later today.

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Interested in trades?
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Originally Posted by lukEM22 View Post

Interested in trades?

Depends, on what the trade is though there isn't much I'm interested in at the moment feel free to make an offer though.

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Soundmagic hp100 +cash
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I am considering trades for iems I am mostly interested in the re-400 plus cash but feel free to offer anything.

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