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50's - Jerry Lee Lewis

60's - The Beatles

70's - Led Zeppelin

80's - New Order / Prince

90's - Pearl Jam

00's - The Gorillaz

10's - Vampire Weekend

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Fare Thee well ... 50 years The Dead ! No band lasted longer.

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60s - Jimi Hendrix Experience

70s - Led Zeppelin

80s - Metallica

90s - Alice in Chains

00s - Tool

10s - Mastodon

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60s-I love Revolver Beatles but I'll hand it to Miles' 2nd great quintet.

70s-King F'in Crimson - KFC for short!
Love 73 -74 trio of Bruford, Wetton and Fripp. Beast of improv math rock.

80s-(cheaper bad drugs and keyboards, reverb gated snares and Phil Collins). Nope.

90s-Radiohead. They took guitar tines and ran as far as they could.

00s- see 80s.remove talent from most artists.throw in a good measure of failed puberty. Auto-tune.(I did enjoy the subgenres of metal)

10s- sigh.
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40s: Sinatra


50s: Chuck Berry/Elvis


60s: The BeaTles


70s: Steely Dan


80s: Dire Strait


90s-present : Beck

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40’s – Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Charlie Parker

50’s – Count Bassie, Frank Sinatra, Elivs, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck

60’s - Miles Davis, The Doors, Jethro Tull, MC5, Pink Floyd, The Who, Dave Brubeck, Johnny Cash

70’s – Return to Forever, The Doors, Jethro Tull, Yes, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Dave Brubeck, Johnny Cash …

80’s – Depeche Mode, Roxy Music, Prince, Police, REM, Blondie, The Clash, U2, Talking Heads…

90’s – KMFDM, Beck, Tool, Prince, Radiohead, Greenday, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Garth Brooks, Cowboy junkies…

2000’s – Tool, Greenday, Muse, The White Stripes, Radiohead, Tartanic, U2, Cowboy Junkies, TV on the Radio, Metric….

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