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Best Band Or Artist By Decade

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Who is the best band or artist by decade?


The question becomes difficult if you must sort it by decade. Some great bands or artists straddle a decade, so they don't really fit into one particular decade. They may be fabulous, but if they were great from '67 to '73 or something, it becomes problematic. Or, what to do with somebody like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, or Miles Davis?


So, if you must sort by decade only, take a stab at it...


Here are mine:


'30s and earlier: too early for me

'40s: I don't know. Hank Williams, maybe?

'50s: Elvis Presley?

'60s: Beatles

'70s: Stones

'80s: Replacements

'90s: Pavement

'00s: Unknown. Not enough time to sink in yet.

'10s: The jury is out.


I'm only sure about the '60s through the '90s. Hey, that's my era... smile.gif

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In My opinion, the best bands in the 80's were Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. And i agree that the beatles are the best in the 60's.

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You can't have three for a decade. Just one... deadhorse.gif

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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post

You can't have three for a decade. Just one... deadhorse.gif


Then It'll definitely be Guns N' Roses.

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60s: Can't really argue with The Beatles.

70s: Pink Floyd

80s: Michael Jackson

90s: Biggie Smalls

00s: Kanye West

10s: Kendrick Lamar is going big. 

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This is fun


60's The Band (and offcourse The Beatles, Dylan)

70's The Eagles

80's Rush / U2 / Iron Maiden / Dire Straits (if you see those 4, the 80's don't seem to be THAT bad..). If I were to chose; in that naming order

90's Spock's Beard / Porcupine Tree, in that order

00's Pain of Salvation / Porcupine Tree, that order

10's Moon Safari


May I remind which was the best selling album ever last century. That century is gone, no one's going to top that. Not Thriller, not The Joshua Tree, but this one:


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70s - Black Sabbath:  How many groups have strung together 6 albums like these:  Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Vol. 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and Sabotage.  Memorable riffs, quality music, great stuff.


80s - Madonna:  Yes, I'll admit it.  I like the Madonna stuff from the 1980s:  Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue, Like a Prayer.  Tightly assembled pop music with the larger than life Madonna.  Tough to beat.

90s - Blur:  What is it about British pop music that makes it so good?  Blur's stuff is really good - clever lyrics, catchy hooks, a portrayal of life in the UK.  Under-appreciated, methinks.  Modern Life is Rubbish, Parklife, The Great Escape, Blur.


00s - Queens of the Stone Age:  Quirky group, but puts together a lot of catchy stuff - usually needs a few listens, as most songs don't jump out at you.  I think they are fairly original, and they have strung together some of my favorite albums.  R, Songs for the Deaf, Lullabies to Paralyze, Era Vulgaris.

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1960's - The Beatles

1970's - Led Zeppelin

1980's - R.E.M.

1990's - Alice In Chains

2000's - Interpol

2010's - The National

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1960's - Velvet Underground

1970's - David Bowie

1980's - The Smiths

1990's - Radiohead

2000's - The White Stripes


Alternatively it could also be this one


1960's - The Byrds

1970's - Neil Young

1980's - Pixies

1990's - Yo La Tengo

2000's - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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My favorites.


60s - Beatles

70s - Led Zeppelin

80s - Bon Jovi

90s - Nirvana

00s - The Strokes

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80s-Bon Jovi or iron maiden
00s-Radiohead?? dunno not too sure
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I am really enjoying the responses so far.


For example, I wouldn't have expected an individual to pick Pink Floyd for one decade and Kanye West for another. Likewise for Black Sabbath and Madonna!!! Those are combinations I wouldn't have imagined, but that's what is making it interesting. smile.gif


Also, I notice no one has attempted the '50s or earlier except me... popcorn.gif

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'50s: Charles Mingus

'60s: John Coltrane

'70s: Pink Floyd

'80s: Dire Straits

'90s: Nobuo Uematsu

'00s: Boris

'10s: AVTechNO!

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I'd have to agree with a lot of these choices. The Beatles were great in the 60s, but I also really loved Dylan. As far as the 70s go, I'd have to say the Clash and they had a pretty good run in the 80s too. I do like REM in the 80s though. Nirvana is 90s pick. The 2000s...would have to be...Glasvegas, but I didn't get into them until the very end of the decade. Now, I guess I'd have to say Of Monsters and Men.

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I don't go back nearly as far as some of you guys, not sure i listen to anything from before the 80s...at least not on a regular basis


80s : Megadeth

90s : Tool

00s : I went through alot of turmoil in my music taste during this time so ill say Tool/Muse

10s : The Black Dahlia Murder

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