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headphones cutting out

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I have used my Denon AHD2000s for more than three years, but recently my left cup has been cutting out. It happens incredibly sporadically; it usually works fine for 30-45 minutes and then cuts out for 3-5 minutes (no sound from left side at all), only before instantly returning to perfect sound. Tugging on the cable in any manner doesn't change the behavior; I've even pulled somewhat hard and I can't reproduce the cutting out. It's not my DAC either; plugging them into a different source returns the same effect.

I don't think it's the sound driver, but I'm not positive. Anyone have any suggestions as per what I should try to do? I think I might have to recable... If I do, does anyone have any suggestions as per what I should buy? I'm not a huge buff on sound quality, anything stock or better is fine.

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If you have had them for a while ( more than 2 years ) it could be debris like a hair trapped in the driver area.  The AH-D2000 is one of the finest headphones ever made and getting them back in working order should be a priority if possible.

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I did get a bit of debris out of the driver area, but I didn't clean them too intensively (I only took apart the cup and didn't directly fiddle with the driver too much).

I should probably also add that the bass response in the cup that cuts out is actually much, much, worse than the bass response on the side that is working. I'm not sure why this is, though.
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Seriously, hair ? It wouldn't just stop working...

Its either: Cable, connection to the driver or plug.

What you want to do is listen to music, then go up and down the cable making little bends as you go along. Then fiddle with the cable where it enters the plug.

Last resort is checking the connections inside the headphones themselves. Only do this if you know what you are doing. Else, find a tech.
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I have already tried going up and down and making bends in the cable. There are absolutely no changes in the audio no matter where I bend. I can't bend where the cable splits, however. There could be an issue there.

I have already checked the internal connections to the drivers. Those are fine.
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Get a nice neutrik and solder the plug new. Make sure you got left/right channel right before soldering, don't ask me why I say this. smily_headphones1.gif
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