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Considering another pair of basshead cans.

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I currently have the XB500, XB700 and DT770/80s for cans.

XB500 is too boxy, although i like the punch. Lacking just a hint of sub bass compared to the XB700.

XB700 is more resolving than the XB500, I would prefer it be a bit more darker.

DT770/80, still my fav but has a sharp treble spike before 10k.


Comparing bass quantity which comes out first?

1. Pro700mkii

2. Q40

3. M100


I want a nice dark, laid back sound with lots of sub bass without being boxy. Pro700mkii's sound interesting but I worry they will not have the sub bass of the m100 or q40.

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If you can afford it i'd say to try the Fidelio X1. Fantastic bass, and not too bright.

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I've never heard the 700, but if you're comparing the Q40 and the M100 it's pretty easy...the M100 is superior in terms of texture and bass accuracy.  However, if quantity is all you're looking for the Q40 has it beat.  It's just louder and more prominent.  That's not to say the M100 lacks anything at all...it's just that it's a better all around headphone.  As it should be at more than twice the cost of the M-Audio.


That said, I've currently got the Audio Technica WS99 and the M100 on rotation now and I can't help but look and drool at the X1.  I tried the L1 and I was pretty disappointed overall so I'm a little scared of the Fidelio line at the moment.  Maybe if they come back in stock at 250 bucks (sonic electronics), then maybe I'll give em a shot.

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L1. but really, here is a though_  just top buying stuff and enjoy what you got? ur welcome

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Try the Sony MDR-XB900's. Probably the best bass can that ive owned.

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