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For Sale: Sold: HiFiMan HM-801

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Sold: HiFiMan HM-801

Will Ship To: USA

Sold: HiFiMan HM-801

PayPal (eChecks will require wait for clearance), fees included and Shipped for free in the Continental USA. Will consider shipping internationally for those with a solid feedback thread, or if I personally know you.  wink.gif  


*I'm in the Los Angeles area, face to face cash deal I'll sell for less than the listed price.


Comes from a non-smoking environment.  This model is the one with 2GB of Internal Memory.  In excellent condition, I'm the original owner.  Has minor hairline scratches, very difficult to photograph.  No deep scratches, dents, or scuffs.  Comes with the stock amp card.  

There is also a good amount of dust under the screen.  This is very common for HiFiMan HM-60x and HM-801 series.  They are very visible with the screen off if you shine a light on it.  With the screen on, you can barely see them if at all.

Included are:

HiFiMan HM-801 (2GB Version) w/ Stock Amp Card

2x Chargers (Linear 110V Charger  & Universal 100-240V Travel Charger)

Original Box

Optional Extras:

$OLD Balanced Amp Card (Includes Amp door with balanced jack block)  NOT Included with HM-801


Difficult to see, there is a tiny defect in the paint job, a tiny silver dot, right above the COAX IN on the front edge of the Battery Door





*Hamster not included


Balanced Amp Card & New Battery Door with Balanced Output Jack, existing volume control pot works as normal.


Balanced Amp Card as installed on HM-801


View from the top.


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For Sale: $80 (USD)
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Now including both the Linear Power Supply (110V Only) and the smaller portable Universal Switching Power Supply (100-240V, ideal for travel).


The big power brick would be great for home use, and use the portable one for travel.

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Pm'D omg I love you, I totally need one of these. it does work as a pc dac same as the Hm 602 right? 


Yes it DOES ZOMG, it has TWO inputs and a SWITCH for dac and DAP mode ZOMG,

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Yes,  it has the same USB DAC function as the HM-602.

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Originally Posted by Edwood View Post

Yes,  it has the same USB DAC function as the HM-602.

PM SENT hit me up xD 

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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

PM SENT hit me up xD 

q.q I see your watching this thread :D hit me up in pm xD [I'm about to pop] 


And he responds 1 second after I start typing a new message xD 


Still thank you sir for your response ^^ 

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Sold Pending Funds. 


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Originally Posted by Edwood View Post

Sold Pending Funds. 


Thank you, very excited I am! 

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