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The cups turn and lay flat but no folding.
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Oh ok.
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I pulled out my UE900 this morning and was amazed out how sharp the treble and midrange was compared to the K545. They just sounded off to me. Considering I used to prefer the UE900 type signature it affirms for me that the K545 is not as bright as headphones like the UE900, SRH940, K550 etc.
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Since comparisons were brought up, how would you compare them to its competition?










Mainly in speed, isolation, balance.  Couldn't care less about the sound sig, as long as its balanced.

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1R has similar levels of isolation, is slower, and not as balanced in my opinion, the K545 has deeper bass extension.


The M80 is not as isolating, has similar speed, is more balanced but at has less bass and treble extension.


M500 is possibly a bit faster and is more linear but has less isolation.


The Momentum is similar in speed, has warmer mids, not as deep a bass and not as extended highs, I believe the Momentum might be a bit more isolating.


I have not heard the rest unfortunately.

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The MDR-1R have no right here! xD I mean, I much prefer the K550 over 1R xD
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Alrighty, looking good.
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I prefer the K545 over everything I mentioned. The only one that is as technically adept is the M500. But comfort and security goes to the K545.
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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

I prefer the K545 over everything I mentioned. The only one that is as technically adept is the M500. But comfort and security goes to the K545.


As soon as I get the pads softened up and the fit fully taken care of, these will be one of my best :smile:

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I was testing a new mid tier IEM tonight and decided to A/B them against the K545 and I was amazed at how much more detail the K545 was presenting while maintaining such a good bass presence for the cellos (I was listening to Hurt by 2 Cellos (Sulic and Hauser)). I then was concerned I was being too harsh or unfair to the IEM so I compared the Q701 and MA900 using the same song and I simply preferred the K545 to my two open headphones. The Q701 was a close 2nd due to the larger sound stage and slightly gentler presentation of the song. But the level of detail, heavier but not over done bass, and slightly more vivid midrange while still maintaining decent sized soundstage put the K545 over the top. The MA900 sounded almost anemic in comparison to both AKG's.

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So I got the K545s a little while ago, maybe 3 1/2 weeks ago. I guess you could say that these are now my new portable headphones, easily replacing my DT 770 Pro 80s and ATH-M50s. While I enjoy a good, bass-ey pair of cans, the DT 770s were a bit inconvenient for campus travel since they're uncomfortable to wear around the neck. Additionally, the mids and uppers are much more pleasant to listen to with my recent playlists. Furthermore, my ATH-M50s are overall nice, but the K545s have much more pleasant highs while maintaing a solid bass. Overall, I'm generally very pleased with the sound.


Build wise, I'd love a better headband. The current one, to me, is underpadded and could really use more padding, or at least a softer padding. The black and bronze color scheme is beautiful to me. The cord however, is the bane of these cans. I know that many here have critiqued the cord, and I can't reiterate that enough. The dumb thing is too short for desktop-rig use and too flimsy to feel good about it. It'd be fine if it was a standard 3.5mm jack, but it's 2.5mm, so I'd need an adapter for swapping in a better cord that has a little more length. On the flip side, I love that it has both an Apple cord and a non-apple cord, because I frankly hate the influx of apple cords on great headphones without an option for standard cords. 


Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the K545.

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I'll probably end up buying these in January.  Gotta buy PS4/Wiiu!

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Glad to see your enjoying your K545 jmatushin, I agree with your impressions. They are quite similar to mine. I hear you in regards to the bass, midrange, and treble. These are a very pleasant sounding headphone smily_headphones1.gif.
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Originally Posted by BillsonChang007 View Post

The MDR-1R have no right here! xD I mean, I much prefer the K550 over 1R xD

Had a chance to do proper auditioning of K550 (my colleague brought one to work) against my dynamatted MDR-1R.

K550 sounds airier and more spacious but completely gutless at the bottom with nasty spike in treble. When drums hit and rumble on MDR-1R, I can hear just pathetic hint of that on K550, midrange also was quite distant and clinical.

The first impression was "wow, those sound big", but after further listening quite unengaging, liked the build though but hated the fit.

Wanted to do an honest head to head as got an offer to trade MDR-1R for K550, well, guess Sony stays.

To each his own.


Hope K545 fix the shortcomings of K550, need to give them a try at local Best Buy.

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The K545 resolves all your concerns in my opinion but a listen for yourself would be best. I have owned both 1R and K550 and sold both because of their individual shortcomings. The K545 has more sub bass than the 1R with with most of the K550 goodness minus most of the K550 issue in the treble. One thing to keep in mind, these sound good to great from a portable player but jump to a whole other level wih the right amp/DAC combo. I am using an Audio engine D1 and it has amazing synergy with the K545.
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