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Thanks for the update Chudalicious, in the end not every headphone is right for everyone otherwise there wouldn't be so many. I actually understand your concern and tried to convey it in my review for the K550 lovers looking to try the K545. If a person loves the mids/treble and SS of the 550 the K545 may be too different.

For me I don't mind the difference and really love the added portability and bass. I do find myself turning up the volume a bit more though which may be making up for that difference in brightness.
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Thought about EQing but don't like to mess with trying to "fix" something I just bought :)


dweaver: Yeah, I read that in your post regarding the differences between the K550s and these but I think I was hoping for something a little different. Plus I had ordered a tad before any first impressions so I took that leap of faith. Not sorry and still not decided but had to share my impressions as I have put much time into swapping and really trying to pin point why I was not initially impressed.


I said it before and I'll say again... don't let my review sway you away from these. Everyone's ears are different and I for one still gravitate to the AKG sound due to the soundstage. I just think it was a necessary trade off when they shrunk the earcups and I fear I am hoping for a $250 version of my $1500 TH-900s


not gonna happen. LOL

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I hear you about having a high end piece of gear that makes it hard to listen to something less than. I have had that happen as well and like you have tried to temper my comments, pointing out my disappointment shouldn't stop others from trying. I personally am very particular about signature styles to the pint of not liking some technically better headphones because I didn't like their signature.

would it be fair to say the K545 is as technically adept as the K550 but with a different sonic signature?
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I hooked up the K550 to the $999 Cary Audio Nighthawk amp when I reviewed it for TONEAudio. It was the BEST I've heard from the K550. Yes, a great amp will make the AK550 shine.
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HiFi, were you wanting your post in this thread or the K550 one?
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To that point... interestingly enough, I went home and fired up the Woo Audio WA7 and plugged in both the K545 and the K551 for S&Giggles and funny enough the 545 came out ahead in this one. Makes no sense but can't fight what I heard... 545 sounded full and smooth when just out of a portable it sounded harsh and hard. 551s sounded more emaciated than ever!! Go figure.


Too bad I'll never use that combo anywhere but home, which defeats the purpose of having a decent portable setup (she writes in bliss with HD800s and WA7 with Annie Lennox blazing "Waiting in Vain")


As far as which of the AKGs are technically superb, I'd say its an even playing field despite how I feel about the K545s. Though they have quite different SQs, I don't think AKG skimped on the 545, I just think they are a different flavor of the K5.. series in which they tried to incorporate we the listening public's wishes (more bass, fuller sound) but for me, that took too much away from what I loved about them in the first place.


Still not sure which to keep so I'll have to flip a coin. Tired of swapping back and forth - I just want to enjoy the music now!


Happy listening - I mean isn't that why we do this?  :)

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Glad you finally hit a source that made the K545 sing smily_headphones1.gif

I enjoy mine from portable sources but love them from my Audioengine D1 because it makes them really full and smooth smily_headphones1.gif. I won't be able to afford your amp unless my circumstances change but am very grateful I found something that has great synergy with the K545.

I'm glad you agree they are just another K5x flavour, it will help people see them as an option on their own.
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Id like to see a comparison between these and the HP50 since it seems they sound similar.
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I am also interested in how these compete against the HP50 but not enough that I will be buying the headphone wink.gif. I may send these out to someone at some point though. I just have to convince myself I am willing to not have them for a while since they are my favorite headphone...
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I already order not only the K545 but the FiiO E18 Kunlun.

Should arrive in... I hope 3 to 4 weeks (I'm from Mexico) so I'll post my impressions.

To be honest I have nothing to compare... I helped a friend pick his K701, but it was too long ago and besides that I only had my klipsch s4 (lost 4 months ago, can't find them yet).

So It will mostly be about what I like and what not, base on my preferences. That being said I'm a bass player and my favorite music genres are metal, progressive, jazz and classical.

Thanks for all the info, impressions and photos. Dweaver I really can't thank you enough.

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Awesome news, I hope you like them and suspect you will, based on your music preferences and I think you will love how they handle bass guitar smily_headphones1.gif.
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It will be great when these become more available so the group of people talking about them grows. I look forward to joruzani's impressions but feel uncomfortable just posting about them alone most of the time. I don't want to come across as a shill or as pushy but I sure would like to post how much I am enjoying these and why amongst other owners comments.


How do others feel, should I be posting more thoughts on these, or just wait for more owners to show up before I post much more other than to answer questions and new posts?

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I feel like I should buy them but... they arent out in the US.
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That is the problem, they are just not easily available. I believe they are available at Best Buy in the US from what I have read plus the AKG site itself, but not Canada, and I am not sure about other countries.
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Just a head-up.


Razordog is having a $50 instant rebate and the k545 are included. So that's $199 + free shipping to US. Pretty good deal on such a new can.


Too bad I'm in Canada and can't take advantage of this deal!



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