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Just got a pair of these.  I like them.  Nothing fancy, but they get the job done.   The K550, IMO, is a better headphone, but you can't take those around with you without looking silly.


I like these better than the H6, the PM-3 (I bought and sold\returned both recently) and a bunch of other portables which I've owned or heard over the years.  The H6 and the PM-3 are better headphones (technically), but somehow I prefer the signature of the K545.


I bought the HD280 headband...and I might try the HM5 pads.  The headband bothers me...which is strange since I had no problems with the K550s.   The pads could be a little roomier -- I hope the HM5 pads don't change the signature too much.  I guess I can live with the stock pads.



Just some random thoughts...

@elvergun put some brainwavz pads on them (AKG545_ and you will change your opinin about the K550. imho