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I want to wait until I can A/B these against the K550 to comment alot about the sound stage but from memory I would say these have a smaller sound stage.
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Dweaver, would you mind taking measurements of the earcup size? And by that I mean, the actual space your ear fits in? And if possible, in millimeters? And perhaps also the depth of the earcups?


Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by starfly View Post

Dweaver, would you mind taking measurements of the earcup size? And by that I mean, the actual space your ear fits in? And if possible, in millimeters? And perhaps also the depth of the earcups?


Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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52mm by 17mm

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

52mm by 17mm

Ah, thanks a lot! Well I won't have to bother trying them then, too small for my ears :)

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Originally Posted by grizzlybeast View Post

when is the estimated arrival of your k545... I am excited for you to get it!

The K550 is a wonderful headphone.... but there is a big but.... I wouldn't hesitate to call its midrange recessed and it's bass a little rolled off and neutral(not natural). It's not horrible but compared to a momentum or the likes it definitely is. The k712 fixed the bass and midrange issue that previous k's have had so with some sacrifice to the soundstage I was hoping that the k545 would address those to things like the k712 did.

The k545 definitely needs to be compared to a k550 head on and a known warm headphone to give a  comprehensive idea of what they sound like. 

When I heard the k550 by itself I didn't pay too much to its midrange but when I ab'd them next to the momentum and went back to the k550 I immediately preferred the more natural, punchy, smoother and fuller momentum.

but ymmv

They are scheduled for Friday ... frown.gif

Either way, I've tried the momentum and returned them right away - for me, they were too forward with mids that practically sat on your face (LOL, sorry)

If I want a more forward presentation, I turn to my beats. If I want smooth and airy, then its the HD800. If I'm traveling its the JH13s or the Fostex for silly sound.

Not ragging on momentums (as I've tried the m100 and the ath-m50 and thought similar things) but i prefer a more even sound with a little boosted highs and killer soundstage. For these, I just want to keep them in the office and not feel like Im missing too much when away from my other HPs.

I guess its whatever floats your boat!?
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'That is probably why you don't have an lcd or the likes but a th900 and hd800. I really want to hear that th900.


Beats has too much reverberation in it for me. I just dont like the small momentum cups. That was a huge design failure imo.


But yeah I get it your preference. If you can do me a favor and compare the mids of both(k550 vs k545) though I would appreciate it a whole bunch:beerchug:


Friday isn't too far away!


You just have to stay up until midnight listening to them okay!!! j/p

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Looking at this link that measures the K550 (http://www.head-fi.org/t/599170/akg-k550-review-essentially-a-closed-back-k702-literally/15#post_8200646) the K545 looks to be just about the same inner diameter as the K550. Where AKG gained back size is in the width of the pads which are about 3/16 of an inch narrower. Good to see my spacial memory is this accurate :biggrin:. Using the same link I compared the K545 from the backside and the whole cup is 3/8 of an inch (10mm) smaller.


I find it amazing how that small amount of diameter can be so dramatic is regards to the overall fit but it is quite a bit. The Q701 is 4 inch in diameter.


Speaking of Q701, I just did a comparison between my Modded Q701 and the K545 on this track and here is how I hear the differences:


Bass is slightly more pronounced on the K545, they have have a similar warmth but the Q701 is a bit softer.

Midrange - piano is very similar sounding in tonality but the K545 sounds like your closer. Diana's voice sounds closer with the K545 but again has a very similar tonality.

Treble - The brushing of the cymbals sounds closer with the K545. Interestingly the Q701 has a bit more detail even though it sounds further away so I suspect the Q701 has a slightly better level detail but only by a bit.

Sound stage is definitely bigger on the Q701 but I can see where the intimacy of the K545 would be nice for some genres.


Sitting and comparing back and forth I will admit I like the Q701 a bit more. BUT I am using these in a quiet room without distraction right now. If both of these were closed headphones and I could use them out and about I would MUCH prefer the intimacy of the K545 as it would help offset external noise that will inevitably come into play.


Also note my Q701 is modded as per the mod described in the Q701 thread. This mod increases the bass and warmth of the Q701 quite a bit from stock so do not assume these sound like a stock Q701. Having said that, if you have an issue with the mids and treble of the Q701 the added intimacy of the K545 would make that issue more pronounced. For me I find the Q701 to be close to perfect in these areas so the K545 only occasionally steps over the line but can be easily adjusted by turning down the volume a bit.



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Thanks for all the impressions and info. I'm waiting for the side to side with the k550 to decide wich will I get.

The thing is that the 550 are now cheaper (around $200) so the question will be:

are the k545 an upgrade??

And if offered both at the same price which would you prefer??


Also I was hoping the k545 werent too small... I have larger than average ears, not that much but still. So thanks dweaver for the measurement =)

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yeah thanks for the impressions. I like the intimacy you described. I wish I heard the q701 modd. but they seem like a nice set of cans.

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I don't want to rely on my memory for sound in regards to the K550 and the K545 but in regards to size and comfort plus portability I prefer the K545 as I find these as comfortable as the K550 but more compact. I also think the smaller surface area of the pads will make them easier to get a seal or at least that is what it seems to me. But the thinner pads will also make these a bit less isolating.
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OK I started to wonder about something so did an experiment.


I took my Q701 through my desktop Audioengine DAC/AMP and compared it to the K545 through my Nokia 920 with both headphones volume matched bass on the vocals. I then used "Heaven" and "When I see you" by Greg Keelor as much songs for comparison.


What I found was bass was still boosted compared to the Q701 but not by as much and everything else sounded closer to the Q701 in comparison, still more forward but not as much as when I have the K545 plugged into the Audioengine Dac/amp. The Q701 has just a bit more detail and decay in the songs but only just and the added bass presence just makes these songs and this album that much more immersive.


My testing leads me to think the K545 signature is based off the newer higher end K models, as the comments I have seen regarding them suggest the modded Q701 is of a similar signature as them. But PLEASE realize I can not confirm my assumption as i have not heard the K712 or K812 so have ZERO way to prove this out. I also would have to believe that since the Q701 has more detail and finer nuances in expression that the newer K's would likewise sound better. But I do suspect the general signature is similar.

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Are these really meant as a replacement for K550 as whathifi suggest, or just portable version of the former?

About to pull a trigger on K550. :confused:

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Originally Posted by Andrew_WOT View Post

Are these really meant as a replacement for K550 as whathifi suggest, or just portable version of the former?

About to pull a trigger on K550. :confused:


I don't know I thought i read it wasn't but then I read it was.


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these are a portable headphone based on the technology of the K550. I believe there is a change in the sound signature but until I or someone else has a chance to do an A/B comparison it is hard to say for sure.

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