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Originally Posted by Hi-Fi Guy View Post

oh did you do a comparison on this thread?


I have both 1R's & K545's. As of now I definitely prefer the K545's. Very satisfying.

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Okay so after two or so months of using only the HM5 pads, I went back to stock and surprisingly enough, I couldn't figure out a difference in the SQ. I have left side with stock and right side with HM5 and after forcing mono on both sides, they sound identical.


After that, I've come to the conclusion that both pads have their pros and cons.


HM5's are obviously more comfortable and allows more freedom in adjusting the earcups for comfort without losing a seal. However, they do not isolate sound as well as the stock pads do. May not be important but they do look goofier on this headphone.


Stock pads take a while to adjust but after that, they have a pretty good seal. The time taken to adjust the earcups to the right comfort leaves the wearer more conscious of the feeling of the earpads which may lead to unintentional discomfort. Isolate better than HM5 due to stiffer foam and fits the image of the headphone.


I think I'll stick with the HM5 pads, the comfort is a big deal to me.

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I find the soundstage a little larger with the HM5 pads, vocals a bit more forward, treble clearer, and low bass quality improved a bit, but the SRH750 pads just put both HM5 and stock pads to shame in terms of bass quality, but mids and treble become tamer and treble is darkened a bit.  I do not mind the change in the upper frequencies, although it is close to a bit much for me.  But the treble can become a little fatiguing depending on the music, so I'll gladly stick to the Shure pads.  HM5 mids + Shure bass would be awesome.

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post

Since the takeover by Harman, every headphone they released from flagship downwards has been disappointing in one way or another compared to the competition. 


Same for JBL, after Harman take over they suck.

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Would anyone of you consider the K545 superior to even open cans in the same price range (example HD600)?

I'm refering to the sound only, not portability etc.

I'm asking because I use my headphones almost exclusively at home where closed ones are not necessarry.

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I would definitely opt for the HD600 in your case.

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I just bought a new pair off eBay for a pretty good price ($180, US seller, box has the yellow seal on it), but I just did some research and found some threads about fake AKGs in the past. Is there any way I can make sure that my pair is authentic? 

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How good does it sound?

Did you buy from an authorized dealer?

I've only seen lower-end headphones being duped, I doubt that K545 has counterfeits around.

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Don't have them yet, they arrive on Monday. I doubt that the seller is an authorized dealer, but he has pretty good reviews (not that it really means anything). I'll follow up when I get them.

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Hi Which one of these pads fits the K545, Also is there a guide on how to properly remove the pads?


1. http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-earphones/brainwavz-hm5-spare-earpad-1pc#product-tabs


2. http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-hm5-velor-memory-foam-earpad-suitable-for-other-large-over-the-ear-headphones-1pc


3. http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-hm5-thick-memory-foam-earpad-suitable-for-large-over-the-ear-headphones-1pc

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The one that's most commonly used for mods is the one on the first link. I assume that all three would actually work. The velour one seems kinda interesting actually, they might be good for warmer days.


The thicker one actually sounds pretty appealing as well. I should save these links.

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Hi everybody.
I'm new here and sorry for my English:)
I just got akg k545 headphones and I'm using it with Fiio x3. The only thing I don't like about it is the bass. Maybe it's not for the music I usually listen (Trance, Proggressive).
Do you think headphone amp will help me?  I don't wanna sell it :)

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The bass is suited for those genres.  What is it that you don't like about it?

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It's hard to explain because I'm not familiar with all these "audiophile things". And manually adding bass with fiio doesn't help... I've read here about fiio E11 and since I'm looking for something under $100, would you recommend?

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Originally Posted by ashotroma View Post

It's hard to explain because I'm not familiar with all these "audiophile things". And manually adding bass with fiio doesn't help... I've read here about fiio E11 and since I'm looking for something under $100, would you recommend?


If you're using a rooted android phone, I would highly recommend using the software Viper4Android which has a lot of audio settings. It's got a great bass booster in it as well which I would recommend using.

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