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I suspect the HM5 and the 840 pads both don't fit perfectly as they are designed for an oval shape. This might mean you would have to fiddlewith either one to MOSTLY fit.
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I think I'll order a pair just to see how they fit.
Have you ever stuffed any headphone pads? What would you recommend to do with the K545 pads?
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As I said, the Shure pads won't stay on because they're lip isn't as thick as the HM5 pads. Unless somebody's Shure pads are different than mine (which are currently living on my Takstar HD5500s). The HM5 oval shape isn't much of a problem... it stays on fine. The K545/HM5 combo is my daily listening set at work.

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I don't know why someone would buy these when you can get the K550 for 130 bucks refurbished. I love mine. The only thing I want is a detachable cable, but it really isn't that big of a deal since the stock cable is very nice. Can't believe they put copper on the ears, it makes them look very strange.

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They look pretty snazzy in my opinion and the blue one is even nicer smily_headphones1.gif. Not everyone has access to refurbished or discount deals on the K550 so at regular price the K545 holds it's own. Plus shorter detachable cables along with a more portable ear cup size make the K545 a better portable option in my opinion.

Having said that the K550 is a great full size headphone as well.
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Anyone know some good portable amps for these? 

And carrying cases?

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has anyone ever heard a slight creaking or squeaking noise from the K545? My first pair did this when the size adjusters were almost up all the way. I exchanged them at best buy and got a new pair which are doing the same thing but less often. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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I don't think mine have much issue that way but I only worry about that if it happens a lot. I will try to pay more attention for that type of sound issue and let you know.
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Thanks for the help. When I hear it it sounds like it's coming from the housing that the headband slides into
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Originally Posted by tinyman392 View Post

Closer to neutral. Has a slight warm tone to it. Better choice though overall.

Will probably go with the K545's then.
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Bought these for $250 at best buy a while ago.

Now they're $200.


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I don't want to think how many times I have had that happen LOL.
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I ordered the FiiO E11 for these with my iPhone 4s with an LOD. How should i set this up for portable use?
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I don't use a portable amp so am not much help, sorry.
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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

I don't want to think how many times I have had that happen LOL.

And the worst thing is that the workers there processing my order said that because it is a "Magnolia" product, it probably won't go on sale anytime soon. 


Still glad I bought these though. They were a step up from my previous Momentum On-Ears. :) 

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