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Originally Posted by KFHph View Post

I ordered a pair of black K545s over the weekend when Harman apparently said they have them in stock. They said they would have my shipping information(tracking #) by today but it has not come yet. The black K545 is now backordered to December.

that is the reason I didn't order black. My date got pushed back a few days... But I think its a first come first serve and they may do it in batches... if you visit your order page it may have the same date it told you before.

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Actually today Harman sent me an email saying that my order has been shipped. :D Hopefully it can be delivered before the weekend or i'll have to wait until Monday :confused_face:. will post pictures when it arrives


Update: UPS estimates that it will arrive on Tuesday, apparently, the Harman warehouse is in Ontario. noooooooooooooooo

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Awesome news for you early adopters. I haven't heard back about the loaner I am supposed to be getting but hopefully it is still a go. It will be good if several of us are able to give feedback vs just one or 2 people.
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I almost decided to cancel my order to use the cash for an lcd2 but I am holding on!


I will give impressions. I just heard the aka k550 today and to be honest I didn't like the midrange. The momentum sounded a lot better. We will see. 


the vocal harmonies it clear though. 

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It appears I will be receiving a new pair versus an early demo. If these are the retail model I will take a bunch of unboxing pictures. I am also contemplating going to a local headphone shop and taking some pictures beside the K550 to give people more of an idea of their size and possibly sound assuming the store will allow it.

Has anyone recieved theirs yet?
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nope not me.


I hope that at that shop you get to hear them and give some comparisons.

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Every day it gets pushed back later!:mad:


If they keep doing that I might cancel my order and use it for lcd2's

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Sorry your getting the short end of the stick. Hopefully they get their logistics figured out soon.
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Guess AKG is busy with their new K812?
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Pictures (Sorry about poor phone camera quality)











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I just cancelled my order to pay some bills but might reorder. I am leaning towards the p7 though. cheers on being the first on here to post while having it. 


Please do let us know how it sounds soon.

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Cheers man, let us know how they sound.


Hmmm I've read  they came with a "carrying case"... but from your images I'm assuming not... unless they call carrying case the same box they came in??

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There is no carrying case

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my pair is scheduled to be delivered Friday. Look forward to your impressions KFHph.
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Oh come on, no impressions?! I dont want to hear about any burn in or anything lol!

But seriously, impressions!
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