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New Speakers to complement my Totem Storm

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I've decided to go the way of active monitors for my current setup. I have acquired a Totem Storm Subwoofer and a Arcam AV9 Preamp. Currently it's hooked up to a pair of cerwin vega LS8's (I Know they were my first pair of speakers I bought about 15 years ago). 


Currently I'm trying to decide between the following


Focal Solo6 Be 

Focal CMS65

Adam A7x 

Emotiva Airmotiv 6


Price isn't really the issue for I would just like to get the best for my money. 


Let me know what you guys have used and herd. 

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Totem Mite?




I have Storm sub too but use Totem Staff speakers with it.

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I'm actually looking at getting an active setup as I don't want to spend more on amplifiers. Integration with an active setup would be alot easier and take up less space. 

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You link the Focal Solo6Be in the same post as FAR lesser models.  I own the Adams and wouldn't even consider them an equal on a good day while lying to myself.  And as for the Emotiva they are like kiddies toys in comparison.  If money allowed I would buy the solo 6Be every time.  The issue you will have is they will show every minor detail of every single track you play.  Low quality rips will sound just irritating, sometimes having a good monitor is not good for "musical" listening.  


If you really are looking into this market at that price range you should  not be buying blind off the internet.  I have auditioned all of the above excluding the Emotiva's and had my budget allowed I would have not bought the ADAM's.  The difference being Focals for a pr being almost 50% more than the Adams.  


I dont know how prices match in Canada or how easy it is to audition, all of which are factors.  Simply put 6Be>all of the others, but at a cost.

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Unfortunately that's the response I feared. I herd the focals at CES and fell in love with them, I hear so many good things about the Adams and the emotiva speakers I wanted to get some opinions. If you look at the equipment that I've owned I'm all to familiar with crappy sources etc... spent way to much money on cables and gold CDs heh

I will have to see about hearing the cms65 and see how it compares
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