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Detroit Metro Meet? - Page 4

Poll Results: What would be the best month to hold a Motor City Meet for you? (You can pick multiple months.)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% of voters (0)
    August 2013
  • 22% of voters (5)
    September 2013
  • 36% of voters (8)
    October 2013
  • 45% of voters (10)
    November 2013
  • 27% of voters (6)
    Early December 2013
  • 59% of voters (13)
    January 2014
22 Total Votes  
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I also would love to attend if you get something set up

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I've had way too much going on lately, but I should be able to get the Club house schedule this weekend.  It's located in Northville, and really cheap to rent for condo residents.  


Has anyone been able to get in touch with Jude?

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I assume that a weekend will be better for everyone.  The first date the Clubhouse is open is February 22nd, and pretty much every weekend after that was completely open.


So what day should we shoot for?



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22nd sounds pretty good to me, but I'm relatively flexible as long as its a weekend

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Somebody should really try to get Jude on board with this. 22nd sounds good to me.

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im probably going to be unavailable on the 22nd because of a birthday but we might celebrate that at a different time too. dunno. the weekend directly after would be a better one.
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I'd possibly be on board. Anyone around here own an off ramp 5?

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There's an Ohio meet happening in Columbus on the 22nd, FYI. I'm sure it's not an issue for most of you though. :)

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Going to bump this because i think its getting overlooked by some of us Michiganders. Cmon guys, lets get the ball rolling!

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Im totally down for this!

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Who's got the venue? As I mentioned, I'd offer my loft in downtown Detroit, but space is an issue and parking is only free on Sundays.
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I think aboxman is trying to get a decent time to accommodate as many of us as possible, but this thread has been pretty slow as of late :(

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Yes, I have a pretty decent size meeting room, but want to set a date.  And would especially like to get Jude involved.



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Well I have an Audinst and some HiFiMAN HE-4s I would be willing to bring.

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When you all set a date I am sure that I can make it as well.  I have not done my quarterly visit home yet and can work it around that.  I have a flexible work schedule so I'll keep a lookout for the date. 

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