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Detroit Metro Meet?

Poll Results: What would be the best month to hold a Motor City Meet for you? (You can pick multiple months.)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% of voters (0)
    August 2013
  • 22% of voters (5)
    September 2013
  • 36% of voters (8)
    October 2013
  • 45% of voters (10)
    November 2013
  • 27% of voters (6)
    Early December 2013
  • 59% of voters (13)
    January 2014
22 Total Votes  
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Would anyone be interested in putting together a meet in the Detroit Metro area?  I'm willing to do a lot of the legwork on this but could use some advice on how to put one together.  If you have experience doing these, could you shoot me a PM?  I know the Head-Fi guys are in Michigan and I would love to have their help.  Just testing the waters to see if we can't come up with something fun for late Summer, Fall, or early Winter timeframe.  There is a poll above to indicate when you might be interested to attend.  Also, if interested let me know if you have a preference on where the Meet would take place (Downtown, Troy, Ann Arbor, Southfield).  Thanks.

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I'd love to see this come to fruition. I don't know what I could do, but I'd be happy to help anyway I can.

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Great, I'm glad someone is paying attention to this thread!  I just wish we could get some support from the Head-fi guys maybe then it might take off a bit more.  I'll post anything I hear from them on this thread.

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I would drive down from Traverse City for that. Or we could just have it here!
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I'm open to all locations. It would make for a beautiful fall trip.
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How about over in Lansing? 

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Subscribed biggrin.gif
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I wrote a note to Jude about having a meet and he never replied. He has had meetings in his office, but he appears to be too busy. This would be fun.

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Originally Posted by Jwm48324 View Post

I wrote a note to Jude about having a meet and he never replied. He has had meetings in his office, but he appears to be too busy. This would be fun.

Yeah, I never heard anything back either.  Early next month I will be able to devote some more time to trying to get this going.  I'll keep you all posted.

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I'd be interested in attending such a meet. I'd be happy to help provide some guidance wrt meet setup and such...Ive done several so i should be able to help avoid the pitfalls. PM me when you get a chance, though be forewarned I will be traveling for the next few days and may be slow to respond.
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Would love to help (more), but am going to be busy, busy, busy with med school at the end of August throughout the next year. However, I would attend if another Michigan meet comes to fruition :)


PM me if you want any advice since blitzxgene and I tried our hand at a small meet this past April.

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Count me interested. I missed the April meet due to me failing to realize I was double booked.

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I'm new, but I would be interested in coming out to learn more.  Something around Troy/Auburn Hills would be best for me.  My schedule is very fluid so I can't say a time.  I'll just try to come if it works out. :)

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I am definitely interested! I am just starting my HeadFi journey, so this would be my first meet. Probably anywhere along 94 from downtown up to Chesterfield will work for me. My western perimeter would be 75 mostly, up to around Troy or Sterling Hts
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Definitely interested in another meet, but I might be too busy with school. 

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