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What kind of device for this setup? (Picture inside)

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Is there an Amp/DAC device that has a switch to change output between a headphone and powered speakers as shown below?  Most Amp/DAC I've seen don't seem to have this output switching capability.  I realize I could go to audio settings and change the default output on Windows, but I'd like to be able to just use a mechanical switch to alternate between two outputs.  Any help is appreciated.


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A microphone is an input not an output.  Microphones record analog then it gets converted to digital via your soundcard or computer so a DAC wouldn't come into play.  Most, if not all USB microphones will do the conversion internally then send the digital to the computer.  Alot of amps these days will automatically switch (meaning there is no physical switch) off the preamp output (usually a pair of RCA jacks), when you plug in a set of headphones into the headphone jack.  Some examples of these are the Audioengine D1, Schiit Audio Asgard 2.  Audio-gd does make their amp/dac combos have a physical switch to change between the preamp and headphone (I could be wrong about this but it looks like there is one judging from some of the pics).

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What you need is an Audio Interface if you want to use a mic at a later date.  That will provide you DAC and ADC ans send output to you speakers and headphones.  I would recommend you look in more audio production specific forums.  You could also research brands such as focusrite RME MOTU Roland and more.  While many here will say you need a headphone amp, you will find the output quality 99% as good for general use, and only seriously high end gear is going to be any better.  If you phones are not too hard to drive you should be just fine.


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Seems like a recording interface would give you exactly what you are after. 

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How much money do you want to spend? If you look via hifi its going to cost a arm and a leg. If you look via the studio gear it is cheaper.

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Woo audio wa5 ($3500)

Schiit audio statment series Ragnorak ($1400-1600) Not yet out.

I know there are more but I can't remember at the moment. I believe burson audio has something to connect your burson product to make it support speakers but not sure. 

Also fiio e09k I believe state they can help with small desktop speakers ($100ish)

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You will not find ANY hi fi brand interface that will give you the option to add a microphone with phantom power, simple as that.  If you plan to use a microphone then I assume you will want to record, so the only option is studio based interfaces, which are more than an equal for most hi fi gear.  Most interfaces will offer independent volume pots for headphones and speakers.  This is going to offer you plenty of bang for buck...



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If you are on a tighter budget you may want to look at this from focusrite as you have independent volume control for monitor and headphones, also 2 headphone jacks



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