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Purchasing my first high-quality headphones

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Thank you in advance to anyone who assists me. For starters, I am very new to the worlds of high-quality audio equipment. So far, the best piece of audio equipment I have owned was a cheap pair of Nakamichi's that I got from Sears. Today, they broke. I have decided that I want to invest in a pair of high-end headphones.


Here is a generalization of what I am looking for:

  • over-the-hear, "circumaural"
  • closed
  • comfortable
  • removable cable (not ultimately needed, but highly appreciated)
  • wired
  • semi-stylish, for example, the Sennheiser HD 800 are too large and robotic


Here is a list of the music I most commonly listen to (in order):

  • The Who
  • Pink Floyd
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
  • Meatloaf


My music will be played from either an iPod Classic (7th gen) or Nano (5th gen), without exception. I do not own any other sound equipment such as cd players or laptops. The headphones will need to be durable enough for portable use. I won't bring them on the bus daily, but I will leave the house with them.Will these devices have enough power, frequency, etc. to support a pair of high-end headphones? Will I need to purchase a portable headphone amplifier?


I am REALLY hoping to stay below $150 in total for all equipment (headphones, amps, adapters, etc.). I live in a rural area, so active noise cancellation does not appeal to me. In fact, I am somewhat agitated by the constant background noise of noise-cancelling headphones.


Again, thank you to anyone who can assist me.

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Someone please help me, I need a pair of headphones for my trip in two weeks.
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Creative Aurvana LIVE! or V-Moda M80's


Neither need an amp but if you want an amp I would get a Fiio E07k

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The creative's are appealing to me. As for the V-moda, they are all either too expensive or not over the ear. Any other over-the-ear headphones that work well with classic rock perhaps with a more vintage look smily_headphones1.gif
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The Panasonic RP-HTX7 is THE 'vintage look' headphone, but it's cheap, and doesn't exactly ooze 'high quality' apart from the build, which is excellent.

You could open it up and seal a couple of the vents in the back of the driver to tame the bass and tighten up the sound improving it by about 20%, but I would be inclined spend the money on a naturally better headphone.


The only other 'vintage' look headphone in budget I can think of is Marshall Major - but many have been disappointed with the sound you get for the money. I havn't heard it, so I can't add my POV.

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thanks. I'm going to go test some headphones right now. I'll report back what I find.
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i went with the shure srh240a's. i really like them.
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how is bass on those srh240 ?

and build quality

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my music isn't very bass heavy, but for the price ($60) i think that it is pretty good. I do notive more bass in songs like "lucky man" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer than i did with my old headphones. Overall, they feel pretty sturdy, although they are all plastic so i won't be throwing them around. the only complaint I have is that the headband is virtually unpadded (like just the leather, no padding beneath). However, you can't even notice this when your wearing them. I am really impressed with these headphones for the price.
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i'm definately not an expert, but i would say that the srh240's are pretty well rounded and don't really stress any specific area (highs, mids, lows). I almost went for the 440's, but i don't record music, so i don't need that technical of headphones.
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Thanks. They seem good

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In my experiences within the $150 price range, try these:


Philips Citiscape Uptowns or Downtowns

Pioneer STEEZ 808

Sony MDR-zx600

Sony MDR-XB400 or SB-600

Audio-Technica SJ-11. SJ-33 or SJ-55


I'd love to recommend more but it's gonna be a long list so just ask and ill tell you what you want to hear from them.

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I already got a pair of Shure's, but I'll look into those when these finally give out
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