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For Sale: FS: Stax SRA-12S *fully restored*

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRA-12S *fully restored*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Yet another one of my "Stax salvage" projects.  This one was operational when I got it but in dire need of some TLC.  I took it all apart, cleaned everything, replaced the power wiring, earthed the chassis in the process, removed the power outlet on the back panel from the circuit, replaced almost everything in both power supplies, cleaned all contacts, replaced the front LED with a blue one (is red with a blue hue now), added pro bias to one output and adjusted the amp to factory standard.  I also painted the top cover and replaced the push buttons on the front as they were damaged. 


This is an odd one for Stax as it has a built in preamp and a phono stage (MM).  The amp design is also unique as it is effectively a single ended triode done with transistors.  One of the reasons why this is my favorite amp to use with the SR-009's.  Sounds nice and runs hot which is always a good thing. 


Some of the silk screening is missing off the front panel and there are marks in the aluminum front panel but that's a given with a 40 year old amp.  The top left hand corner of the face plate has some marks on it too.  The back cover paint job is far from high quality but I've seen worse.  redface.gif


The amp can be set internally to any voltage and I can install either a EU or a US power plug on it before shipping it out. 


Price: 750$ + shipping and fees

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Spritzer, I love the interesting things you come up with. :-)

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I think guts pictures would whet any prospective buyer's appetite

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Not a bad idea.  smily_headphones1.gif  Here is the top of the amp with all the plug in cards in place. 




I just measured the plug in cards to make sure they were up to spec but left the components alone.  If something isn't broken then don't fix it and all that.  From the front to the back the first card is the MM phono stage, then the preamp and then the two earspeaker amp cards.  The one in the back is the low voltage power supply which has had all the electrolytic caps replaced. 


Here is what it looks like on the bottom.



Most of the components here have been changed here and I added some other things.  First is the bias supply for the Pro output and some local bypass caps for the high voltage rail.  I also changed the normal bias output so that it is 230V and not the 200V is used to be. 

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PM sent. Thanks

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