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I often spend the weekends working in my parents' garden (a mix of forest, meadows and English style garden) and usually listen to music while doing this. Up till now I have been using an old set of Sennheiser HD 202's. They are sturdy and block a decent amount of noise, but I'm looking for something that offers better sound quality. I've spent dozens of hours going through all the reviews of portable headphones on this site and others. Initially I thought the HD 25-1 would be perfect, but most say it has very high clamping force. Something like the V-Moda M80 would probably be covered in scratches pretty quickly. Ultimately, I'm still not sure what set of headphones would be best.


I'm looking for something that's:

  • Scratch resistant and very sturdy: I often have to move through bushes and trees, so the headphones will be hit by branches
  • Closed design that blocks a decent amount of noise: I generally also use my headphones when working with 4-stroke tools (I still use normal hearing protection for the 2-stroke tools such as chainsaws and string trimmers)
  • Not too much clamping force (I have a very big head)
  • Under €250: they are a set of gardening headphones after all


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. normal_smile%20.gif