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Bose OE vs Bose OE2 vs Sennheiser 229

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I'm looking to buy the Bose OE headphones or any headphones that are on ear and as comfortable as the OEs. There are 2 versions, the OE and the OE2. From my understanding, the OE2 sounds better because it does not have as much a bass boost as the OE. I was just wondering if the improvement in sound is worth the extra price of the OE2 considering it costs $150 vs $110 at costco for the OE. I was also wondering how the Sennheiser hd 229/239 compare to the OE series if you have experience with them. From my understanding of these, they sound about as good as the OE2 but use cheaper materials for the earpads making them less comfortable.

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Forget Bose id get the 239's or V-moda M80's




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I would suggest Bose headphones only for active noise cancellation. If you don't need active noise cancellation there are headphones which are much better than Bose.

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Well I already own the V-Moda M80 as well as UE700, MDR-V6, and Klipsch S4. I will be using the lightweight comfortable headphones I plan to buy as a gaming headphone. The VModa M80 sounds great but lacks in comfort and is very heavy for its size. The Sonys are also heavy but my brother is using them so I can't use them. I just wanted to know out of those 3 what are the differences if you have experience with them. Comfort is just as important as sound in this case.

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I also do not think Bose are crap. They have much better ergonomics than most of the headphones out there and the audio quality is comparable to the Sennheisers who's full retail price is only a little bit lower than the Bose. Difference is Bose can sell many units so they do not need a price cut.

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I actually am a fan of Bose as well but it is definitely not because of sound quality. A QC3 made many plane journeys bearable for me with its noise cancellation. I think probably Bose is definitely of the best when it comes to active noise cancellation. On the other hand I would never buy anything in OE series. Well for OE and OE2; OE2 is compacter and lighter compared to OE. I would highly suggest you to go for OE2 if lightness is what you are aiming for.


By the way Bose definitely sells much lower number of units than Sennheiser. It is just the marketing method they choose.

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I am looking for lightness also. Would you say the $50 price difference is worth the OE2s more balanced sound? How do the Sennheisers compare? I know for sure the Bose are really comfortable to the point I want to have them on my head. I need them to be comfortable enough for at least 4 hours of wear during gaming. I'm just looking for the best out of my money with comfort and sound of equal priority. - I know Sennheiser sell more units as a brand but I assume Bose sells more OEs than specifically the hd239 hence the price drops.
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Well OE2 is definitely light an comfortable but I can not really help you about the SQ difference compared to Sennheiser I am sorry. I have never tried HD239.

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I used to have an OE but I've lost it on a trip; then I only found OE2 available at Best Buy and had to get it. In my opinion the original OE was pretty much better. Despite the so called artificial boost that some would complain about, I think its sound was just awesome. As to the OE2, it has lots of sharp edges on its plastic body, making it seem a very cheap product. The ear cups have also a poorer appeal and design when compared to its predecessor. Not to mention that OE would come with two different size cables and a pretty much elegant and harder case.

I thing that Bose has managed to get a considerable cost reduction here, while even increasing the prices. So bad... :/

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Well I bought the OE and Sennheiser HD 239 with the intent that I return one of them. I am having a really hard time choosing which to keep. The Bose OE sound really good, unlike what most say about them. I found that if you cover the hole on the bottom of each earcup, the huge bass boost goes away and instead there is good clean balanced bass. The Sennheisers sound to me equally good but the Bose are more comfortable and have better build. I just can't choose :(

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