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As part of the Ultimate Ears On The Road With…. series, we spoke with Jake McLaughlin, the monitor engineer for Beach House. We asked about life on the road and about how he landed one of the best tours of the year. His advice is spot on and funny to boot! This is an older article but in light of the recent discussions in the Papadosio On Sound thread, I thought that I'd share in order to illuminate a few more details about how in-ears are used on stage. There are 2 themes that I'd be happy to talk about in this thread if anyone is interested. And they are best illustrated by these 2 different quotes:


"I definitely feel much more in control when mixing the IEM mix compared to the wedges."


"I definitely do not think that it’s black and white as in this is what is needed for a good mix and if it doesn’t have this then it’s a bad mix. No way!  It’s mostly grey and difficult to articulate and it changes from moment to moment."


Please take a look at the whole interview though. I think it brings a really refreshing point of view into the community.


Read here for the full transcript:


Many thanks and I'm looking forward to answering more questions,