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Ath-m50 vs Shure srh440 vs Philips Uptown (Help me make the right choice please...) - Page 2

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Hi MalVeauX... :)


Yes i already have the cal! and the v6's. (Besides the mids) the sound signature of the v6's and the srh440's is similar?


So even the m50's would be a sidegrade from what i already have? Any other sugestions Malveaux (something a little more expensive but no too much...)?


Are the Uptowns that great trunks? i saw you have the 7506 as well (basically the same as my v6s)....


I really like how they look and many people say the mids and the highs on them are pretty good.... But the thing is i saw some people say they have bass, others say they dont.... Kind of like what happens with some on the downtowns....


My main concerns about getting the Uptowns are the volume control problems (wich causes static when moving...) and the flimsy cable wich leads me to believe they will not last much in my hands since usually my headphones die with cable problems.... and yes i am the type of person who stays away of modding since i wreck more than i rebuild.... XD

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Yes they're all side grades.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Yes they're all side grades.

Damn.... XD


They were good deals...or at least they seemed to be...


The shure's for all the praise but from all ive read they seem to sound like a v6 with better mids and even less bass....


The philips look cool, good isolation, good for outside use and they seem to be amazingly comfortable... But i am too damn afraid of that cable and that volume slider... So pretty...... But so many upset people.... ;(


Even the m50's at 99 seemed to be a good price since i never saw them being sold in Europe for less than 130 euros (with shipping included)...


Suggestions please? But cheaper the better.... I am from Portugal=economical s*******... XD

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No suggestions until you reach $200. Well... The k167 is an upgrade.
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Yeah those cheap akg's....around 200 dollars!!!!!!!!!!! ..... XD


I was thinking of a upgrade in the 100 dollars mark... some used v-modas or or something like that....


But what really stunned me is the fact you and malveaux even compared the v6 to the m50's.... never thought they were on paar....


I have to admit... The v6 in a stock eq is a lifeless/steryle headphone.... but for example with the rock eq (boosting the bass and the treble a bit) on my ipod touch they really kick some ass on edm... I am using them right now and listening to some anjunabeats stuff and they are kickin'... :)


But i really thought i would be getting an upgrade if i got the m50's... I even thought of selling the aurvanas and the v6 to buy the m50's... Guess what some say is indeed true... The m50's are really overrated.... (i see m50 owners rushing in..... XD)

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Are they that good? Much better than the m50's? How about the momentums' the hd25's tha akg k550's, v-modas....? I was so stupid.... A couple of months i could have gotten a pair of hd25 adidas in mint condition for 120 euros and i thoght they were expensive at the time.... DUH..... XD

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momentum is good, better than the m50, mdr v6, and k167. KEF m500 and ath ws99 are better IMO though. Mdr 1r is good too.
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ok the momentums are almost 300... i thought they were cheaper..... XD

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The M50's  are fun with excellent bass IF you strech them .

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The m50s do really seem to be a great headphone and i was really tempted to sell my cal!s and get the m50s (with the money i already earned from selling my k518s...)....

The thing is... If malveaux says the v6 and the m50s are similar sounding, there is not really a point to spend , money in a pair of headphones thal will give me what i already havê in the sonys.... And even if the m50 do what the Sony do better are they really worth it to the point of ending up with 2 bright sound akg pairs?

Done thing guys.... Give that i already have a bright pair a with the the v6s and a warm one with the cal!s, what shoud be my next step now...?

Try to get something different? Something neutral more focused on mids for example?
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Why are you in such a hurry to get a third pair? You'll just get a slightly different sound signature with the same budget-level resolution and soundstage...


Everyone else is saying the same thing. Save your cash and get a proper mid-fi headphone!

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Any sugestions to a good but not too expensive mid fi pair viral?
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Whats too expensive?

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When it goes above the 150 euros it starts Boeing expensive.... :-) for my pockets of course... How about the fidelios? The m1 cost 100 euros on amazon.de...

I would love to get a set of hd25s, amperiors por vmodas but they are a bit too expensive do me...
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