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For Sale:
FS: Beyerdynamic DT-880, 600 Ohm Variant

Will Ship To: Anywhere

$$ - SOLD - $$


I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-880, 600 Ohm headphones available for sale.  I am the 2nd owner.  These headphones were never used in a smoking environment.




  • Excellent condition - No visible scratches or scrapes.  The pads are in excellent condition.  Factory headphone cable is in-tact.
  • Beyerdynamic zippered headphone case, constructed of pleather.
  • User's manual
  • 3.5mm to 1/4" screw-on adapter
  • Confirmed 600 Ohm version as reflected in the macro picture of the plug, where 600 Ohm is reflected.


Price: $$ - SOLD - $$


The price includes U.S. domestic shipping in the form of USPS Priority Mail, delivery confirmation and insurance on the shipment / item.  International shipping is possible.  However, the shipping costs would be higher and I'd credit the price a bit to reflect the fact that I have the shipping price included for U.S. domestic sales.


These are a great sounding pair of headphones.  The bass quality is a slight bit better than my Sennheiser HD-600.  The treble energy is a bit more than my HD-600, too.  I'll refer to it as detailed.  No bright, not sibilant.  Beyerdynamic is a great headphone manufacturer and maker of great sounding headphones with a very good comfort level when it comes to wearing them.


I'm selling these to keep down my count of headphones.  Plus, I'm over-invested in Sennheiser HD-600 cables, or the HD-600 would be placed up for sale.


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the Woo Audio stand in the picture is not included.

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