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I can't wait to see how these sound with my new Project Sunrise II amp!  It will definitely be nice to see very different they are from my darth beyers.  Thank God I don't have to wait long due to Amazon Prime!

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yeah they are a nice headphone. And really dont worry about what the graphs or people say. The highs are very much fine. And a tip., try LIVE recordings. This headphone is freakin outstanding with live performances. It sounds great with loads of different genres of music. But  live is the very best you can getet, is an acoustic live performance. Very.. very.. very amazing sounds come out of this genre. Some bands to listen to imo are....

The Beatles

Glenn Frey Live

Beach Boys

The Mavericks

Eric Clapton.


So I guess you know the genre im coming from.... oh and also try some Johann, and Mozart. Classic is also very amazing and live on these phones. This sound good for techno, but ofc with techno/dubstep yoru better off with closed cans anyways. But these headphone are overall amazing, and shine with classic/rock/acoustic/rock/folk. The reason for this. Is first off the phones are on a different level and price rangefor sound quality. And The soundstage is so big and well placed, and crisp. It jsut is a great exp. Cant wait to hear your opinion with these, and the amp  beerchug.gif

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UPDATE*** Price has Dropped even more!!!!!!! The price is now $46.00 ?!? Go get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by CrystalT View Post

I've been telling people about these for the past month, but nobody listens to me when i say they're the best sub-$100 headphone in existence.

I've been able to compare them to popular choices like Grado SR325i, ATH A900x, ATH AD900, ATH T500, ATH M50, Sennheiser 598, etc. I prefer the sound of the Pioneers.

wow. That's incredible. 
I know I prefer my 50$ superluxes to my m50 by a slight margin. But competing and beating the ad900 and a900x? I was planning on getting the 900x as an upgrade!

I honestly wonder how these would perform compared to the stuff I have right now. Thanks for tempting me jeez :/

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I'm intrigued......added to my Amazon wishlist. Too bad I am broke right now....redface.gif

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If anyone has a Best Buy with a Magnolia headphone listening station, these are probably available to audition. I liked them when I tried them a couple of months ago, but I didn't think they were available for much under their $150 price point. For $150, it was a bit of a stretch because I thought they sounded slightly wonky (well I probably shouldn't judge from the listening station but...). But now that they're $46, I wish I remember how they sound so I could...buy them. These would make a nice gift for some people.

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Remember that the MSRB for these is $200. They got phased out because there wasn't a lot of interest for it when it was introduced in 08. These aren't a cheapo headphone. They used to be Pioneer's flagship headphone.

Also I've mentioned before that these are incredible for live recordings. In fact, the best headphone I've ever heard, personally, for live recordings. Gaming is no slouch, either.
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It's getting exciting around here eh?  smile.gif

Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

It's getting exciting around here eh?  smile.gif

You started it! wink.gif
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LOL people are going to be flocking to your headphone booth at the LA meet :D

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I'd like some credit. I've been hyping these headphones up for months. D:
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If I end up getting these and decide they're worth keeping, I might send Tyll an email and see if he would like to measure my pair and offer his subjective opinion. I know he's very busy, so I'm not sure whether or not he'd be interested. Also, he might have already tried them and formed an opinion one way or the other.


It'll be at the end of this month if I do pick them up. This thread might have done its work by then. dt880smile.png

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Okay, I was just reading that review I posted earlier. 20 feet of cable?! Is it really that long? What on earth would you need that much cable for? The only thing I can think of is that these were intended to be hooked up to a HT receiver on the other side of a large room.


If I do get them, I might think about sending them off to somebody on here to get them set up for a removable cable.

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I can do it.

It was originally used for HT/DJ. Remember, these were Pioneer's top-of-the-like DJ series headphones.
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