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I've not read all of that thread, just in a right mood after 40 pages.


I bough a1000 yesterday for 100eur from a shop before knowing anything about them. I was after dt990 or something similar but heck, no shops here have anything in that range to try and buy:(. 200ish blind purchase is not acceptable for my wallet so I'm just happy to spend 1/2 of that and still be satisfied:)


To put it short, they are good for 100 euros.


Not better than grado 325i (I own those and they are not comparable. too different to even begin waging) - just soundstage and instrument separation is better with a1000. They have one thing in common - they both try to kill your ears when listening to rock a wee bit too loud.


Imo a1000s are damn picky. Some stuff just sounds bad with them. Dunno why, even good quality tracks. I guess some  mixing/mastering "ways" could make it cough blood. And yet some (most live recordings) sound really really sweet. Some sound damn "big" even.


The reason I went back to the shop and bought them was how the double bass sounded on one test track... and a few other reasons too of course. Kinda reminded Grado RS2's impression from way back. Not as great as that but.. for 100eur, enough for me:) I use a portable amp (don't remember the brand - the cover doesn't say anything) with a bass boost button. I keep it off for now, it is a tad weak sometimes but mostly its ok. Could be better but still, ok. Can't really complain.


Mid's are very nice. Upper ones, some <800Hz or so, can be annyoing perhaps. But that happens only when listening too loud anyways.


Highs are not as sparkly as the higher end phones usually have.


Soundstage. I needed phones with a good soundstage and yep, they are able to create space. Not always --- again, dunno why, but some stuff just hits directly my face. um.. dubstep, some rock. Studio stuff usually it seems.


Imaging & instrument separation is quite fine. I guess that's one reason why some people like tend to like those phones.. and probably that's why one of them created this hype thread:P. Also its effortless to follow and listen any instruments on the track.




Well, these cans deserve a bit of hype but people can step into a trap when buying them blindly. Depends what they are listening for sure. I'm happy. No hype here. Just got what I was really after for much less money that I was willing to spend.

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If you want more sparkly tear off the first layer of felt over the driver.  I prefer this sound greatly.  These are far from the final word on resolution, but have a very nice soundstage and generally pleasant.



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I still use these for Movies/TV Shows. Just a great phone period for the price. I recommend these often. The Dialogue sounds amazing on these. 

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Originally Posted by IBJamon View Post

If you want more sparkly tear off the first layer of felt over the driver.  I prefer this sound greatly.  These are far from the final word on resolution, but have a very nice soundstage and generally pleasant.



IBJamon Just tried and darn it's even better and clearer dialogue. Hat off to you. Thanks.:)

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As someone who has never owned headphones due to the desirability of portable IEMs, my pair broke almost a year ago and I've been without portable audio for a long time. I've recently been searching for a replacement pair of IEMs but after more consideration, I am also willing to get headphones since they are likely to last longer and I've already survived a year without earphones. I originally considered getting the RE-400s since they had a pretty similar sound to my RE-262s that broke, but I'm just wondering how the pioneers sound in comparison to these pretty balanced IEMs. I have been spoiled by the musicality and mids of the RE-262s and if the pioneers don't offer a similar sound signature, I would also like to know if there are any other possibilities below $150.

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First of all, these are not at all portable.


They are, however, musical and versatile.


I haven't heard the IEMs you've mention, so I can't compare them.

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The X-10's are a good deal at that price.


I haven't listened to mine in a long while, though..,

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