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Pioneer SE-A1000 Appreciation Club ( Sennheiser HD 650 for $45?) - Page 68

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I did NOT need another pair of phones but I happen to see one of those daily deals on the SE-A1000 and found this thread and picked them up. They are stupid good for the $63 I paid. Easily worth $150 sound wise. Construction is a bit flimsy, but I am not hard on my stuff so I expect they will last. The cord is way too long(almost 20 feet!). I think I am going to pay to have it cut off and the plug reattached.

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I was using a cheap 10-foot extension cable lately.  (Or is it 15-foot?  It's too tangled up to tell.) :D 

My Q701 and DT990 don't seem to mind much from some quick testing I just did, but the Pioneer has an extra at least 10 feet of cable over those. 


I was thinking how certain parts of certain songs sounded so muddy on the Pioneer.  Removed the extension cable.  Obvious difference.  


People have talked about the ohm rating on the Pioneer cable, with the assumption being it hurts the sound.  But it's been (mostly) only an assumption.  But now I wonder if it does, and if so, by how much. 

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anywhere to buy them besides amazon and ebay?

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Ordered a pair up here to Juneau, haven't arrived yet. I'm expecting them to be more balanced than my DT770s.

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I just got back for my electronics guy who took off ten feet of cable. He chose to use the Pioneer cable and took the ten feet off from the ear cup end. A bit more complex, but I was only baying $25 so I preferred it that way. The 1/4 inch plug DOES NOT unscrew for some reason so you can't get at the wire on that end. My tech says they probably use a metal fusion process to hold it together. So if you are doing it yourself, you will have to buy a new plug to replace the one you cut off. If you take it to a repair shop, buy the plug in advance. It will save you some money. Most repair shop[s have a standard bench fee that ranges from $40-$70. This is no more than a 1/2 hour job from the ear cup end, less if you just cut the old plug off and solder a new one on. Some places charge a minimum 1/2 hour fee no matter what. As for the sound, I haven't spent enough time with it yet to tell. I do know I didn't screw it up. Now I just want to see if I helped it any. 

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Seems a bit extreme no? 
You could have just braided the cable shorter. 

Why is the jack fused on?

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Hello Head-fi! Long time lurker, finally signed up! 


So happy to have found this thread (and those cans) which I came across while mourning the demise of my pioneer SE DHP 2000 (wireless surround headphones) which had been my first pair of 'expensive' headphones. I love the open sound, the gimbal suspension, everything ... and now while googling images of similar builds, like the phoenix from the ashes, there appears a rejuvenated  (and wired) version of my beloved ... now .. my first impulse is checking amazon.de (my market area)  for pricing .. and imagine THE HORROR !!!


(ok, I am too newbie to post a pic, so go see for yourself [will not even attempt to post a link]) but currently, it is listed as '1 new from 591.64€' !!! Holey Moley ... gladly this turns out to be some technical glitch and they can be had for 73€ including shipping ... nothing really cheaper on ebay.de either. 


Based on the perfect looks, the enthusiasm of this thread (and double thanks for the suspension mod and the braiding instructional) I will go ahead and order my very own ... 


I read somewhere in the thread 'need to find excuse to justify purchase' ... I ran out of those excuses a long time ago and hope that my dear wife will never check my headphone closet :D To her they all look the same ;) 

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Change the pads to the Brainwavz HM5 and you're all set.
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I just got these, but have decided to get a much more expensive pair of phones. I had the annoying 20 foot cord shortened to 10 feet by a professional audio technician. It was reconnected at the ear pieces so the original cord and plug remain. I will sell them for $60 and pay the shipping. U.S.only please. dabjhs72@msn.com.

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^^ Crazy man, they sound 3x their price.
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