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Wireless Headphone/Headset for Gaming/Music Suggestions

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Hello there everyone, I am by no means a audiophile expert at all when it comes to highs, mids, lows etc.  However, I do enjoy a very good quality headset/phone.  My current headset is the Sennheiser PC360s, and after owning these I have become very fond to Sennheiser's sound quality.


After having these for a few years I am looking for a wireless headset or headphone.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a pair that has fantastic sound stage for gaming, as well as crisp sounds for all types of music, AND doesn't have series connectivity problems, or a terrible microphone.


The main 2 headsets/phones I have been looking at were the Sennheiser RS 220s and the Astro A50s.  However, after reading more reviews, the RS 220s seem to have quite the terrible connectivity issue and the signal drops constantly.  As for the Astro A50s, the microphone is just complete rubbish, even after the firmware updates thus far, it still has issues.  Therefore, I am looking for other options that the community may know of, below I have listed some basic requirements I am looking for in the headset/phones.  Thanks.


Headset/phone Requirements:


1. Wireless, with wired mode as well, or removable batteries, so I can have spares charging on the side.

1. Over-ear

2. Fabric ear pads as opposed to fake leather.

3. Comfortable fit, not tight, for 8-12 hour sessions.

4. Price Range - under $1000

5. No integrated soundcard - will be using coupled with the Asus Xonar Essence STX Soundcard.

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Wireless gets good at Sennheisers top of the line wireless headphones. Its not lag free, its expensive.

Why does it have to be a wireless?
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I have been using wired headsets/phones for quite some time now, and I game/listen to music about 5-7 feet away from my desk, since I use a quad monitor setup and I am getting tired of the wire coming across my desk and the floor and up my chair.  It gets tangled on the chair sometimes and my dogs constant walk across it and pull it when they are walking sometimes.

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So does anyone have any input, or thoughts on the Sennheiser RS 220s and their signal loss issues?

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Well what a overwhelming amount of insight I have discovered so far . . . .

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