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The (new) V-Shaped club

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OP of the old thread was banned, and seems like he wont return, as well as nobody bothers to create new thread so I guess I am gonna do it, and here we are! New thread.


Gonna copy&paste everything, but before that... 


The definition of "V-shape" (Click to show)

Quoting some people from the old thread because they gave pretty good answers

Originally Posted by Blue Boat View Post

What's a fun/v shaped headphone like?


Originally Posted by Head Injury View Post

V-shaped is boosted bass and treble. It's usually called a "fun" or exciting sound signature, but I don't think it's very fun.




Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

If you took your eq in Foobar or I-Tunes and raised the bass and treble in a V shape you would be there. Folks believe a headphone can't reproduce a character in the music which it is not able to, so even eq can make dull headphones more fun but not as fun as natural fun V shape headphones. It's a way to describe a frequency response which is not linear. 



Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

The v shaped sound sig is also called the smiley curve of rock. It is ideal for rock and metal imo.


Originally Posted by nikp View Post

V shaped/fun is a combination of basshead and treblehead. Is it not?


Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

Yes to me anyways that would be correct but i don't feel bass has to be as over powered as basshead cans. Same goes for treble.



V-Shaped Club


This is a work in progress. Know any V-shaped Headphones/IEMs let me know.





Denon AH-C710

TripleFi 10

Westone 3

Sennheiser IE8

Ultimate Ears UE11

JHAudio JH11

Mee M9

Brainwavz M2

Brainwavz alpha

Dunu Trident

Panasonic HJE-900



Audio Technica CKM500

Audio Technica CKN70

Philip SHẸ3580/90



Vsonic GR02 Bass edition



Sennheiser HD 25 1 II

Sennheiser HD438

Denon AH-D2000

Denon AH-D5000

Denon AH-D7000

Beyerdynamic DT990

Audio Technica Ath M50

Panasonic htf 600
Sony's XB 500/700/1000

Ultrasone Pro 900

Ultrasone Pro 750

Ultrasone HFI 580

Pioneer HDJ500

Pioneer HDJ1000

Pioneer HDJ2000

Grado GS1000i

HiFiMan HE-4

Sony R1

Grado HP2

AKG K240 Studio


Creative Aurvana Live!

Denon AH-D600

Panasonic RP-HTX7

Sony V6

Sony V7506


Feel free to give suggestions, I will look for reviews/impression and once I confirm a headphone/IEM/eabud has V-shaped signature, It will be added to the list


Check out the other clubs:

The Neutral/Balanced Club


The Basshead Club


The Midrangehead Club


The Treblehead Club


The Soundstagehead Club 



Credits (The V-shaped headfiers)


Club members:





Blue Boat


John in cali

Skinny Puppy










Headphone List Builders:





John in cali

Skinny Puppy










|joker|'s Massive review thread


Link to old thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/581018/the-fun-v-shaped-club

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Fews more notes:

_I removed "Fun" because many people on head-fi take this word too literately, therefore refering V-shaped as "fun sounds" usually cause controversy, or people would just go "Ohhhh I am a basshead/treblehead/midhead so bassy/trebly/mid-centric phones sound fun to me, and I think you should add [insert every bassy/trebly/mid-centric headphones here] to the list"

_I am not a very active member and I wont be around all the time to update the thread to-date, things will be faster if you guys help me a little bit by providing links to reviews/impressions of the Headphones/IEMs you suggest

_There's some not-so-v-shaped phones in the list so I will revise the list and filter some of them out


Anyway, enjoy the new thread! Feel free to sign in as member of the club, and don't forget to have Fun with your phones~

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Count me in. Love me a V-shaped response.

From my collection I'd add the D600, CAL and Q-40 to the list.

I'd say a lot of the Basshead cans would fit this as well.
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  Philip SHẸ3580/90


  Vsonic GR02 Bass edition

to the list



Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post

Count me in. Love me a V-shaped response.

From my collection I'd add the D600, CAL and Q-40 to the list.

I'd say a lot of the Basshead cans would fit this as well.

Suggestions pending, also added you to the member list


Depends on which basshead cans. The Monster Beats will be one of the first to be removed, I listened to the Pros the other day and found the high pretty recessed and rolled-off.

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 Creative Aurvana Live! (HP)


to the list


M-Audio Studiophile Q40 didn't make it, Denon AH-D600 still pending because I read some mixed opinions/review on them

Also removed Monster beats by Dre from the list


Currently pending Audio Technica CKM500 and CKN70


@vaxick: wanna join the club?

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I would add the Sony V6/7506 and the Panasonic HTX-7 to the list. 


also, joining.

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 Denon AH-D600 (HP)

 Sony V6 (HP)

 Sony V7506 (HP)

 Panasonic RP-HTX7 (HP)

 Audio Technica CKM500 (IEM)

 Audio Technica CKN70 (IEM)

to the list


Added ThinkAwesome to member list

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audio technica pro700mk2  ( HEADPHONE)

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I'd like like to join the club!




I currently own UETF10s. Have had them them or around 2years now.   I do enjoy them very much but I guess as always I want more. Now  I'm looking into maybe upgrading. Not sure yet. 


 What V-shaped  IEMs would be a noticeable upgrade to my TF10s? 


I have a Fiio E11 if any benefit from from an amp. Trying to stay under $400.  





I also own some M-Audio Q40 but I guess those are more of a basshead club. 




Thanks for your help help guys! 

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Thanks for starting up this thread anew.


What about the Fidelio X1's? Are they considered to be V shaped?

This is more a question than a recommendation.

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I hereby nominate the Hifiman HE-400.

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A rather small thread... we can work on that.


I'd say the DT 990 Is VERY V shaped, as was and is the HE 400, and the currently on my head Logitech UE6000 sounds pretty V to me.  Lot's o bass and treble. Sufficent mids. 

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sony xba-3, xba-30, xba-4, xba-40, earsonic sm3 v2, earsonic sm64,  Final Audio Design Heaven V

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NarMoo S1
Dunu DN1000
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