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Same in that both headphones have a lot of treble.


They don't sound the same or even similar, though. I think you'll find that the W5000 is significantly clearer, cleaner, and more spacious.

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Can someone tell me how AKG K712 Pro are compared to K550?
I'm aware that K550 are closed and K712 open.

I'm gonna use the headphones with ASUS Xonar Essence STX.
I use the PC for everything like music and movies/TV shows.
I'm a bit turned off for the HifiMan 500 because of the power needed...
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If you're looking for power for the Hifiman HE-500, you can get the Schiit Magni for $100... or Fiio's new E12. Both amps should be able to provide enough power to drive the HE-500.


But other than that, I haven't heard the AKG K712 Pro (since it's so new), so I have no idea. Maybe I'll get a chance this August...

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Can ASUS Xonar Essence STX power the HifiMan HE-500?


I think because of HE-500 are closed I will choose something else.

I now use Sennheiser HD 595 for PC and it's time for a upgrade but it has to be opened.


For closed headphones I'm willing to wait longer, closed are not that important to find since I am happy with AKG K550.

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I think you can get a good amount of volume out of the ASUS Xonar, but to counter those recordings that are too low in volume, I think you may still need an amp.


And the Hifiman HE-500 is open. Very very open.


They also use planar magnetic, which is very different from all of the headphones discussed so far.

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Ah okay, it says closed on the site I was looking at.

How is the bass on HE-500?


I read it's more like head speakers than headphones.


What kind of change am I to expect if I change to HE-500?

Having to get another amp is something I am trying to avoid, so if I have to do that I won't get the HE-500


Sometimes it happens that I have my headphones on for several hours so comfort is also important.

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Bass is not too much nor little on the HE-500. It's just right.


They aren't known for accentuated or anemic bass.


Changes you can expect would be much larger soundstage, much more detailed, a lot more resolving, and a smoother, more soothing sound.


But you do have to get another amp one way or another. In fact, you also need some slight amping for the AKG K712 Pro. It's not as efficient as the Audio Technica headphones mentioned.

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