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would the vmoda boom pro cord solve the cord problem.

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What's the best long cord to get? like 7 feet.

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I don't know if any one will answer this based on my last few messages but I'll try anyway. I recently acquired the philips fiddlio x1s as my first good headphonea. Due to my lack of knowledge on these sorts of things I have ran into a problem. I got a media bridge cable of amazon and I have noticed a crakly noise while listening to the headphobes. Sometimes even I notice random changes in volume and just audio cutting out for a second all together. This doesn't happen all the time just randomly while listening. I do not have a DAC or amp or soundcard so the problem might come from that. I just don't know what to blame for the problem is it the cable, the lack of a soundcard or the headphones them self. If you have experienced a similar problem or know what is happening please inform me because this is really getting on my nerves.
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Sounds like loose solder connection somwhere in chain... it could be X1 socket, could be cable soldering, could be PC socket... start to investigate one by one with testing other hardware.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Sounds like loose solder connection somwhere in chain... it could be X1 socket, could be cable soldering, could be PC socket... start to investigate one by one with testing other hardware.

Oh, thank you. I'm pretty sure its just the cable. Thank God !

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any recoomendation between audioquest evergreen or golden gate? i am leaning towards the evergreen but i would like to know if the sound difference will be audible - then i shall consider the golden gate. i am using DX90 btw. Thanks in advance!

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I doubt there will be any sound difference between those cables (even stock cable) if their impedance is under 1 Ohm. Did You measure Your stock cable? 

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I just ordered the X1 on an Amazon Lightning Deal for $169.  I'm looking for headphones strictly for gaming.  I figured I could get the v-moda mic which will in turn replace the cable as well.  I was holding out for the K7XX to drop again on massdrop, but $169 was hard to say no to for a headphone that is rated highly for gaming.  Has anyone had the X1 and K7XX?  Which would you prefer more for gaming?  I just want to make sure I'll be happy with my purchase.  I have big ears that stick out a little bit and I read the X1 ear muffs are large and deep so I imagine that should work well for me.



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You can't go wrong with the X1 for $169.99. I'd be very happy with that purchase smily_headphones1.gif

The K7XX is going to sound extremely similar/identical to the K702 anniversary, which is mentioned and compared heavily to the X1 in this review.
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Since I joined the Head-Fi Community just a few seconds ago I need to thank "chicolom" for that great review which helped me back in the days. A year ago I was looking for some good headphones and this review was a big deal for my decision. I didn't had an account back than so I could not give thanks for that detailed comparision, but this was the first thing I think about after I joined this forum.


Owning the X1 since 1 year I could easilly say that they are really awesome! I am listening to all kind of music, watching films and playing competitive fps games with these headphones. Locating an enemy is so easy and often gives me the edge to win a match. The comfort of the Philips Fidelio X1 is awesome! I am wearing them daily up to 12 hours and never get uncomfortable with them. So great headpones for a good price. Really could recommend them.

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Wow! The photos are amazing. Thank you for your patient and informative review. I am currently trying to hunt down a pair right now. I think the brown looks a little more classic and refined than the black of the X2's

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